Wii In A Car?


WiiChat Member
Mar 11, 2008
Crazy question but has anyone heard of installing a Wii in a car? I've seen a few pictures with XBoxes or Playstations intrergrated into the car. I saw an xbox with the button put into the center console. Just did not know if anyone had heard of a mod like this. Post pics if you have any
You can probably get it in the trunk with an overhead monitor attached to the trunk lid. I been thinking about it as well.
lol im sure that u wont have enough space in ur car unless it is a truck or a bus,
and anyway it wouldn't be fun as wii requires a lot of space.
In a car/truck/van, you'd be closer to the screen than in a typical living room. This could present some problems regarding the sensor bar. You have to be a little ways back from it for it to work correctly. You could probably get around this by having a modified sensor bar where the IR lights on each end were closer together.
My boys play on the wii in our van during long trips. They mostly avoid games that require use of the sensor bar. Mario Kart is an example.