Wii in October... Again? YEAH and ¿real?


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Jun 19, 2006
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Informants come in many shapes, sizes and trenchcoats, but those who approach us under a veil of secrecy and threaten to bend our limbs in unnatural ways should we reveal their identities are usually the best ones. Claiming to work for an independent video game site on a distant continent, our latest informant (we'll call him Mr. Informant Fronzel Neekburm) lends even more weight to the ongoing theory that the Nintendo Wii launches in October. At this point, said theory could probably kill a passerby if dropped from a balcony.

Fronzel explains that his outlet received a detailed release schedule from Activision, one that listed Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam with an October release, followed by Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and Call of Duty 3 in November. Shortly afterwards, a hasty re-issue dropped in his inbox, with the only alteration being to the Wii release dates -- they'd been replaced with a more vague "Upon Wii launch." Had Mr. Neekburm just witnessed Activision in a drunken stumble, grabbing and pulling back a velvet curtain in an attempt to avoid an unpleasant impact with the floor?

Both documents were forwarded to us and we were able to ascertain that the last person to modify the second document is part of Activision's international media relations team. The presence of LucasArts titles on the list had us puzzled for a bit, but it turns out that Activision publishes George's games in certain territories. The last question in need of an answer, of course, is "would Activision already know the launch date?" Considering that they're working on a highly publicized launch title, we're going to go with "yes."

Admittedly, that part is pure speculation. Activision may have just been eradicating a date they pulled from the ether, for fear of people getting the wrong idea and writing deeply entertaining, mercilessly captivating blog posts about it. We'll let you know if we hear anything else.

Note: In the picture above, we edited the spreadsheet a bit in order to highlight the relevant information.

[Thanks, uh, Fronzel!]

I think its real... lets see everyones opinion... ah and if u want to see the graphic is here...:)

Man joystiq is a pretty reliablae source. not as reliable as IGN but they are up there on my list. good find
yeah but they mostly report facts and thats why i think theyre reliable
I think it's very possible for an October release cuz there has been another leak of a lauch title game from Activision here
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well its in october for me... now we have to check out the release day not the month
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I agree with you, nintendo doesnt have to wait for anything!
well the graphic shows when they're goona be "shipped". it can take time to for the stores to actually receive depending on the quanity.
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Why do u reserve it? why u just dont go there and buy it fast!
Arcadium said:
Why do u reserve it? why u just dont go there and buy it fast!

i dont want to go through the trouble of waiting in line , i camped out for my 360 didnt enjoy it one bit.
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... camping? jaja well anyway I cant beleive u did it... but anyway it was good
well anybody can make a fancy chart and if it would be in october dont u think they would wait 3 months for christmas? well either way im happy as long as it comes out before christmas so i dun haf to pay for it