Wii-kly Update: Two New Classic Games Added to Wii Shop Channel


May 26, 2007
Cleveland, Ohio
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I've been waiting for Super Street Fighter II for a while actually. I've been holding off on downloading SFII and Turbo just so I could purchase Super when it was released. Personally, I liked today's update, especially since I finally got a game I'd been anxiously waiting for.

I also don't see why some of you are so upset that they released the games in this order. I feel like everyone should have known when they released the original SFII that Turbo and Super would be following.

Now when I owned an SNES some 15 years ago, I bought SFII when it came out. Then I bought Turbo when it was released. When Super finally came out, I didn't feel like shelling out another 50 bucks for another Street Fighter game. I guess I can consider this "making up for lost time."


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Jun 5, 2007
I have street fighter turbo on my capcom classic collection for xbox. I don't need another street fighter game. I'm diaspointed nintendo isn't releasing 3 games a week anymore. I wish they would tell us why.