Wii Latest News - Rayman Raving Rabbits Screens


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May 20, 2006
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New rayman screenshots, in first person shooter mode :wtf:







FPS? I dunno about you, im loosing hope for this game if its like that. :sick: :scared: :scared:
The Game isn't soley FPS! You're in the Rabbid's prison, and you have to complete various challenges to gain the Rabbids respect. So the Game is comprised of 700 different game challenges as stated by Michael Ancel, Head developer of Ubisoft Paris on Rayman Raving Rabbids.
It is a big adventure, but in a new way. It isn't like 700 minigames, it is like 700 games modes. There is the FPS type challenges, Dancing Elements, Jumprope (as seen above), Juggling, Racing, Platforming, etc.
No it's not an adventure you go on different trials and I think they are all different since you are captured by the rabbid. And whats tight is as you go along you can pimp your jell cell.

Was that sam fisher from splinter cell? Lmao!
Don't Judge it just yet! Little is known about many things on Wii, and only time will tell how things turn out.
AWESOME! I especially like the one of Rayman leading the Rabbids in some sort of disco... thing. (You're looking at a huge Rayman fan) I agree with Kaps. Rayman Raving Rabbids will be my first Wii buy, other than the Wii itself. I just saw the videos (Incredibly useful Scientific Facts) on raymanzone.com, and I fell off my chair laughing.