Wii Launch Games

Great thanks for the link a lot of the gmaes that I am looking to get are on that site so that makes me happy I can not wait for this system to come out.
yes zeldas there:p cant wait, also mp3 looks awesome and tony hawks game looks gd as well
The list looks impressive. I will at least be getting Zelda and Metroid.

I am a bit disappointed that the new Dragon Quest game is geared more towards action than RPG. It just doesn't seem right when a DQ title is not a true RPG.
Excellent news/list! I'll be getting Wii Sports + Zelda + Metroid Prime 3. Imo they're the best ones to fully make use of the Wiimote at the launch date. I'm very anxious to see whether Nintendo will be able or not to deliver the graphics on the same level of those in the first Red Steel trailer. If so, I might instantly consider getting it as well (it should meet the promised FANTASTIC gameplay of the very same trailer as well). I'm anxiously looking forward to buying those games as early as humanly possible. I'm diying of anxiety. :p This videogame could be a reason for me to get some of my relatives together again. It's a nice excuse, they'll love it and might get in touch with each other more frequently afterwars. All because of "wii"... (literally...). Gimme some decent next gen. graphics plus the promised incredibly responsive and opened gameplay and I'll be extremely happy with my Wii. "Wii" might even watch some heavy-weight third-party developers coming back to Nintendo as a steady support for some excellent third-party games as the console starts to sell like cold water in a hotty day... I'm really praying for that. :)
wii sports (nice and cheap)
Zelda (duur)
red steel (cuty cuty)
sponge bob (hahahahahahahahahaahaaaahahahahahaahhaahahahahahaahahahahaahahahahahahahahaaha)

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