wii logo/another ps3 mockery of the wii...


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Aug 20, 2006
Miami Beach, fl
i was watching this video, and theres this chinese guy talking about the ps3 and some basketball game...i think its nba live or something, and he says "this is the way u shooot your free throw" and he GRABS...GRABS the ps3 controller by the MIDDLE (as if it were a basket ball), and PRETENDS to throw the controller (but not actually letting it go ofcourse), and says "thtas how u would throw it"......i literrally BLUSHED from how SAD sony is being. i mean shyt, my god, sony is sooooo copying nintendo. and then later i hear one of my freinds talking about how the ps3 can download ps1 games? is this true? good god....::calms down:: ok just had to get that out of my chest, heres the vid, its about 2hrs long.... well 3hrs (2 1/2) but u can skip to the first 10mins and see the guy doing that nba throw or u can take my word for it, oh and i saw a commercial for nfs carbon and i saw the Wii logo on the bottom of the screen COOL!
No they ps3 cant download ps1 games it hes confused with the psp which they had a theory of putting them as files for you psp but they decided against it so throw some corn at your friend
i heard u will be able to download ps1 and 2 games.... and yup even the nfl madden for ps3 to hike to ball u move the control down.
Umm...you know you have to pay as well to download Nintendo games on the Virtual Console? You do know...right?
its in there, the second one to the right i believe..im buffering it,
LMAO he keeps trying to do a motion and it dosent work then he just flicks it forward and gets a perfect release...thats reallll inovation, not only can you just flick your wrist, ITS MANDATORY...FAILURE!
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i know ! they can't even make their own logo!

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Thats a funny video, so in the middle of a fast paced game of basket ball your gonna take your fingers off the buttons and joystick and grab the controller by the middle, accidently pausing the game by hitting the start button, unpause then take your shot!!! What a load of crap!