Wii Mobile possibility?

sausage dog

WiiChat Member
May 18, 2006
I know it's a far fetched idea, but think about this. The Wi controller has a speaker for making gun noises and all that. If it had a microphone included it could take advantage of your broadband connection and let you use it like a wireless telephone. A headset device would be even better, you could walk around the room chatting to other people who have headsets. Of course the Wii would have to come with a tiny bit of software that emulated the voice ip software we find on PC computers.

It would cost next to nothing and would appeal to everyone from school kids to adults.
Something I couldn't see Nintendo doing, all that would do is put the console in a higher price bracket, something Nintendo is avoiding at all costs, it seems. They're objective is to make a system everyone can understand, play, and afford (in a nutshell). So personally, I couldn't see any voip capabilities, although online chat through some of their games, maybe.
I doubt that this will happen with the wii controler, but maybe they could make a wireless headset so you can talk to other gamers when playing online (like xbox live) for those that take their games more seriously. I know id pay for it.