Wii Release Date

Wii Release Date said:
Above Wii Release Date is based on comments from executives at Nintendo at E3.
The date will be updated as any new reports from Nintendo are announced.

In other words, don't get excited just yet.
It has no credibility and not an official site, therefore you shouldn't trust anything it says about the Wii. ;)
Im hopin early Oct. but i dont want nintendo to release too it early wit malfunctions
I'm happy waiting till November as long as they realease it as good as it can be, I could wait forever
i went into the forum and look http://wiihaw.com/forums/thread/1572.aspx <---- link

<---- picture

that's 21st October 2006
Just restarted my GameFly subscription and they are already allowing you to preserve rentals of PS3 and Wii games. I clicked on the Wii page and look what their release date is.

Unfortunatly, all the Wii games say TBA, so...that's dicouraging. All this time, I had sort of forgotten that there was a month between September and November, so I'm going to spend the next few days trying to forget October exists. I suggest everyone else do the same.:D

Seriously now, if Nintendo really wants to show it's power, it really should consider an early October, or better yet mid to late September launch because Sony's releasing their, well I'm not going to say it's name, on Nov.17, or atleast that what GameFly says here.
If anyone, anywhere gets an actual confirmed release date you can bet it will be all over the place or nowhere, because nintendo will either silence the info like previously seen or want/not care anymore about the release date.
Damn this sucks Nintendo announced that during the Nintendo Fusion they will be announcing info about the wii and sneak peaks and the fusion tour ends November 11th.....release date AFTER NOV. 11!!!!??? Thats crazy

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