wii remote not working - lights not working


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Jul 23, 2009
hi all,

have had wii for about 6 mths - no dramas.. just put it on today and it was saying "connection with wii remote has been interrupted" so i came onto this site and even though i had recharge batteries, i put new batteries... doesn't even register the remotes.. so then i did the resync thing... still no luck.. so i held red sync button on wii for 15 seconds to disconnect all remotes. then i tried to resync them both.. now it doesn't even do anything. when i press the remotes the 4 lights come on but then go off and there is no light.. this is on both remotes....

any ideas? and thanks for reading :smilewinkgrin:
Try takin one of the remotes to walmart and exchange it tell them u bought i a week or 2 ago and not working now. Then try syncing the new one. If it doesnt work its ur wii. If it does it the remotes mine done it too then one day the were able to sync aga

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