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Feb 7, 2008
I've only had my Wii a couple weeks and I already have some graphic artifacts which seem to say that my video card has overheated and been damaged. While I'm very upset about having to lose my Wii so soon after purchasing it, I'm even more worried about losing the progress I've made with things thus far, so I'm wondering if I have all I need to ensure that my replacement / repair job will go smoothly:

  1. SD Card for Game Saves and Channels
  2. Miis Backed Up Onto Remotes
  3. Mii Transfer and Mii Editor to repair Blue Pants problems with replacement Wii

Is that all I need? The only channels I have other than default are the Everybody Votes one and the Internet one. I also have 500 shopping points attached to this Wii (no VC games yet, thanks goodness).

My understanding is if I get a new Wii, channels won't go back onto it anyway but I should be able to re-download the ones I had?

Save Games seem pretty straight forward - back them up and I'm good to go. The Miis, though, I'm a little concerned. My wife has pro in Bowling and I know she wouldn't be happy about having to climb that again. My concern, though, is that if they replace instead of repair my Wii, the Miis will have blue instead of black pants meaning I can't edit them - but I hope that Mii transfer and editor can help me black pants them again?

Also, are the save games where the Pro data is stored, or is it stored in the Mii, or a combination of both? Lastly, if the power is taken out of my Wii remote, will any Miis on it disappear? If so, I should probably back them up onto a computer HD with Wii Transfer?

Thanks in advance... I'm so stressed about shipping my baby off.


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Dec 20, 2007
Yep you have everything!
And your new wii will have the same Wii Shop Channel Account as the other one!
So you will still have the 500 points and prividges to download the internet channel for free!


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Feb 7, 2008
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Thanks! I'm still trying to figure out how to get the Mii back onto my remote after changing the pants, and I can't seem to backup my Vote or Internet 'save games' but it could be worse. I figure they will probably transfer that stuff anyway, but I hoped to have a backup.

*Edit* I successfully changed one of my friend's Miis from blue to black pants and could edit her, so there shouldn't be any issues now.
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