wii sandbox games


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Aug 7, 2006
i have looked through a wii list of confirmed upcoming games, and i did not c any sandbox games!! i hope they come out with some. i mean, come on, the ps2 and xbox 360 seem 2 have like a dozen, and the wii has none??:(

btw, sandbox games r open ended games with a do watever u pleese style, like the gta series
There's an Animal Crossing sequel coming out, and you'll be happy to know (as I am) Will Wright intends to release Spore for the Wii, although nothing's been confirmed yet.
yes but he EA said that it would come out on consoles one by one after the PC version comes out so :(
lol, i hope there is are sandboxgames too for the wii. GTA would be cool and possible cuz i heard rockstar is porting that table tennis game from the 360 to the Wii. So if that turns out well they might port the GTA Series to the wii.
pikmin 2 rocks my socks. my girlfriend likes it too, which at least i can keep her entertained with something. shes all about animal crossing too.

keep in mind miyamoto and iwata both said theyre going to make new franchises for the wii, so we could get something all new.
I think games like pikmin or animal crossing is the reason why Nintedo has this kids console rep. I don't care how good they are they just sound like stupid crap so I'd never buy them, don't get me wrong I play games that are childish but you have to draw the line somewhere.
Pikmin is like a disease, it takes over you and stops you from living your life. Its genius.

Harvest Moon and Spore will be released i can't think of any others atm.