Wii sensor bar doesn't work when exposed to sunlight


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Sep 14, 2006
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Whoa! First ever unbiased imperfection on the Wii! The Wii sensor bar can't work correctly under sunlight. To make it more clearly, it can't send the signal from the Wiimote to the sensor bar if there's sunlight in the way. Not a problem for me though, i'm playing it in my Basement so sunlight won't be a problem. Might cause a few problems in some households though.
That shouldn't be a problem for me, that terms used loosely though, I'm not sure how close to the TV the sunlight gets in my room, should be safe though.

I heard about this before, so long out-door Wii sessions. ;)
i get sunlight in my room and it is directed right on my TV. i guess ill just do what i do to get rid of the glare, put a sheet over the window (i have blinds but they are VERY crappy)
if they havnt fixed it, then WOO HOO. Now i have an answer for my parents as to why my room is always in darkness. (the real reason being that i can't be a***d to open the curtains)

And besides, for those 'families playing in the lounge' type nintendo are aiming for... well, most of them will play in the evenings which, unless you're at the poles in summer should be pretty dark anway.
That's not true. There was an article like this on IGN, and they called Nintendo of America to disprove it. I have a topic about it in the Wii Chat section.
Wiired said:
It better only be if theres direct contact from sunlight to sensor.. im assuming it dont count like.. daylight being in the room?

You won't need to worry, because it would need to be an insanse amount of light. So much light, it wouldn't even matter if the sensor bar would work, because you would be blinded by how bright the light is.
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That's good, so it's not really that big of a deal
well i hurd something that they were going to fix the problem so i hope they do or ill have to stay in darkness for a very very long time lol
lol thats a load of bs sunlight doesnt effect the sensor bar thats just some crap a sony fan made up nintendo already stated there was no problem with sunlight
COLDshiver said:
That's good, so it's not really that big of a deal

Not big of a deal? There is no "deal" to make it bad at all. xD It's 100% false.
question about that.... does it work if the bar is below your controller because if i put it on the tv then the sunlight will come from behind and stop it from working