Wii SPorts QUestion


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Sep 14, 2006
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Might be a really stupid question, but just to make sure: Is Wii sports a separate disc, like you have a case for and have to put it into the wii to play? Or is it pre installed on the Wii?
i would think its a seperate disc and not like the pictochat was for the ds,... it would be lame if it took up space on the wii
most likely a pack in disc since the japan release will not have included, it will be bought seperate.
wii basics anyone, all though it is a good question, that did pop itno my mind too. uhh sovieto has spoken
the really bad thing about putting wiisports with the consoles means i gotta buy another 3 controllers ;)

i doubt that nintendo would have a game stored actually *in* the console, that hasnt been done since alex the kid!
yeah i think it is separate cause when i was at eb there was poster for preorder with the wii sports it had a boxart it was white with just picture of people playing and in screen shoots