Wii sports


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May 26, 2006
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i am really excited about this game and i am planning on buying it on release

i know that tennis, baseball,golf and airplane r on it does anyone know if the table tennis game will be included?
There's always the possibility, keep your fingers crossed for now, as the Wii release date approaches, we should find out more and more about its games as well.
I don't know about table tennis, but airplane is definitely a different game. You can already pre-order games online and in store at EB/gamestop, and they are listed as separate games.
Golf would be fun just get near the hole then take a big wind up and bam 'your ball is in the parking lot, game over'
Remember all games we have seen exept zelda are demos so it doesn't really care
To be able to actually play the games though, that's what is going to make it so fun.