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Aug 6, 2006
Ok well this has been bugging me, I've mentioned some of these before but here it goes, Wii sports...3 sports games? Meh... 30 sport games? Who can name 30?

Shooting Game <--cmon simple!
Airplane <-- I saw a booth in a video that said Wii Sports: Airplane
Table Tennis <-- Another completely simple game you will see in a video with asian girls playing it

All these games are simple and very alike, not single game material, package game? Yes.

Anyone Else got any other games that are probaly going to be in this?
look its not wii sports: airplane, its wii pilotwings.

Wii shooting is probably going to be called wii duck hunt
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pilot wings is a different game according to gamestop i think it is, you havent seen the booth called Airplane? And the Wii Shooting looks to plain to be a game itself
All the ghames you said were your guess, are already in... you can guess really well :)
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huh? thoes games are already in wii sports?
i hope that wii music and wii sports come together, because wii music doesnt have much games to be sold like a only game, it only have drums, orquestra and..., now i dont remember if it has something more
Sports looks quite good, I look forward to playing it even if does look a little on the light sight.
Actually... wii sports aeroplane was said to be put in a new package called wii motor sports. Just thought Id add that in there!
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OmG i got it! Okay all the games that weve seen that are like this are pretty simple and small

Wii Games (main title or something like this)
Wii Sports
Wii Motor Sports
Wii Music

that would be insane and maybe worth buying