Wii Tennis with remote *vid*

Wow, looks like they had fun.

Haha, I think Reggie was indirectly criticizing Sony and Microsoft when he said: "It's about the feel of the game, not the look."
The graphics to the game aren't good but the game will keep you and some of your friends playing for hours. I'd probably just rent the game.
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I think it's more the gaming experience and the fun of hitting a "video game ball" that gives it the edge. :lol:
playin sports like tennis and golf will b alot more fun with the wii coz u can play in ur living room and not break any vases...... not that i have >_> wii sports is 1 of the 1st games im gettin soley for the multyplayer side of it
Is Wii sports a bundle pack that has multiple sports? If it is that may be the second game I get on launch day. November here we come.
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They do look a bit silly on that vid... probably 'cause they are all wearing suits... but they look like they're having fun.
wow that looks amazing!!!! the way the serve was excallent, dam i cant wait till the wii comes out- ill sell my 360 if i have to
reminds me of teh Xavix game I played at radio shack, way better, I probably will rent it for a weekend.