Wii tops CNET Most wanted list !!!


Sep 25, 2006
Wii is this week's number one on CNet's chart of "Most Wanted Products". Also climbing up the chart is PlayStation 3 at an impressive #12 (owned?).

This is could be interpreted as a sign that Nintendo are successfully appealing to an audience that aren't necessarily gamers. This ties in well with the overall strategy of broadening the market. Various electronic items feature in the list, at the #2 spot is a camera.

1.Nintendo Wii
18.Apple Ipod
-Xbox 360 not listed-

heres the link for the list of all 20

I agree that Wii should be No. 1, however if PS3 was as close to release as the Wii the it would be higher.

Ain't comin to england till march.
the Wii will definitely beat PS3, first I only get systems that win the console wars, second all those market analysts are retards, everyone I know who hears even the slightest about the Wii wants one(maybe I should shut-up till my pre-order is confirmed) the PS3 not so much, usually its like my 5 year old wants one but he is not getting one for that much. pretty much anyone old enough to actually have the money to buy their own system is for the Wii, not to mention the games for the PS3 are $75-$100, HOLY CRAP, none of the PS3 games I've seen are even worth that if it even was on the Wii. and that whole price drop thing is for low-end units which Sony has even stated will not be available at launch, only the high-end $600 piece of crap. The graphics aren't really surpassing the 360, and the Wii is not far behind but has better gameplay and costs much less. not to mention look at amazon pre-order, they had to close it off because there were too many people wanting the Wii, Nintendo has hit pay-dirt with this and Sony is making the hammer for their coffin from what I've seen.

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