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May 1, 2007
Las Vegas
I travel A LOT with my Wii taking it from my house, to my parents house, to my cousins house - pretty much anywhere we are having a party.

I got tired of repacking everything in the box (although it was a great idea) and didnt want to throw everything in a grocery bag so i decided to see what was out there.

Doing research on the net this is what i had heard as the complaints:

Official Bags (Sling/Messenger)
-not enough room for accessories

ProGamer aluminum
-Tight fit on components
-some people complained of a smell...but i have febreeze so that was not a deciding factor

-not enough organization in compartments (everything just thrown in)
-Wii gets hot
-divider that wii sits on is flimsy
-pictures made it look really big

Nyko Travel Case
-if ordered online color was selected for you (possibility of pink case)
-no pictures

I visited GameStop and compared the GPAK and the Nyko. The GPAK was larger but nowhere near the size it looked online. The Nyko was $10 cheaper and curiosity got to me as to what was in this thing so I went that route instead.


Looking over the packaging of the case, you cant tell what features it has. It is also tied into the box so you cant open any of the main compartments. I am pretty happy with the case overall as it is small/light making it easy to travel with. i can fit my wii along w/ all the cables (power, sensor bar, AV) needed as well as 3 wiimotes and two nunchucks. It would be nice if i could throw my game cases directly in it, but seeing as 99% of people are fine putting music CDs in the same sleeve Im thinking im just paranoid.

Well - they say pictures are worth a thousand words so see below for the fitment of everything. The bag I am comparing it to size wise is a standard 15.4" laptop bag i forgot i had in my closet and probably could have used instead.


size comparison

3/4 closed

3/4 open - this is where i keep the wiimotes, power, AV

front shot of that same compartment and showing front zipper

same compartment empty - shows the 2 bungie straps

i havent decided what to put in here as its such a tight fit. The compartment doesnt extend into the top part of the zipper so i couldnt fit my sensor bar inside

back compatment that is velcro'ed shut. Im not sure what i can fit in here either, maybe manuals?

showing the thickness

overall view of the main compartment - will hold 5 games, 4 SD cards (i have also placed my nunchucks inside here, but it would also fit the power box or the vertical stand

showing how i packed the nunchucks/sensor bar - the plastic disc is just holding the flap open

main compartment w/ everything removed

this is what i have fit in my case

did i mention it came with a shoulder strap? makes carrying much more convenient

All in all, I like the case. I wont hesitate to throw my Wii in there and hit the road if thats all I am taking. If I need to take other stuff w/ me (projector, digital camera, camcorder, etc) ill toss it in the laptop bag along w/ the other goodies.
I'm in the market myself for a wii travel bag. Personally, I think that having the controllers in a separate bag is better. Shoving too many into the a single pocket in a bag with no cushioning can't be good for the wii motes. If i spend this much money on a game console and peripherals, I'm going to spend a few bucks extra to ensure that it works when I get to where ever I'm going to. </my 2 cents>

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