Wii WiFi speeds.

You say that your update took around 7 minutes. That's not exactly fast, but I wouldn't say it's slow neither. I've heard of some updates taking as much as an entire day, talk about a slow internet connection.

Slow = 10 minutes-1 hour

Normal = 5-10 minutes

Fast = 0-5 minutes

My update took me about 4 minutes.
domkstaa said:
What are you talking about? Where do you get the info where Broadcom hasn't released Linux drivers that doesn't support G? I confirmed this with the group that worked on the wifi chip for the WII and it is running in "G" band. Remember the 4318 chip is backward compatible to B so if your AP is running in "B" then of course you will see "B" when you use the network analyzer.

Interesting. Well, if you've got some inside contact, you may want to mention to them that this g supporting driver (if it exists) needs work. Again, to date, there never has been a Linux g driver for the 4318. A google search will show the loads of frustration out there. Most Linux users have given up and use an NDIS wrapper to run the Windows driver to get g support.

If N has received g support from Broadcom, that's great news, but as you can clearly see from the Wii community, Wiis are not connecting to APs unless mixed-mode is enabled. I've analyzed the traffic from Wii to Linksys, Cisco, and Microsoft APs and the behavior is consistent across all of them, and consistent with the current native 4318 Linux drivers. The 4318 will see a g AP but refuses to negotiate a link. In mixed-mode, the 4318 (and the Wii) settles on a b connection.

In reality, this isn't a big deal as it's still faster than just about anyone's Internet connection, but running mixed-mode APs does have the inherit downside of limiting local LAN performance of true g devices.