Wii's Wi-fi Speed.

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Okay here's my speed connection:

I got this from speedtest.net

9/30/07 5.58 pm -
Download Speed: 744 kbps (93KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 135 kbps (16.9 KB/sec transfer rate)

that was my speed at one time...

May I please get your router model?
It's the Motorola WR850G.
It's nothing special but it supplies me with everything I need...
Also, don't worry about any speed limits, as your speed is fairly slow. You might even lag a little when playing games with people far away so be cautious of that.
You will find that more problems stem from interference than from actual wi-fi router speed. If you are concerned about your connection speed, I suggest following some simple tips to improve your overall wi-fi connection.

1. Wi-Fi technology uses microwave transmissions that function best using "line of sight". This means that ANY object that blocks the visual distance between your connecting device (Wii) and Wireless Access Point (WAP) will greatly reduce signal strength. The lesser the objects between your connection the better, and the farther distance in which can be achieved. (Note: Denser objects will reflect more radio waves, so wood reflects less than steel.)

2. Always "fine tune" the channel of your WAP to a channel that is commonly not in use within your area. If you are experiencing connection difficultly, it is always recommended to attempt using another channel then try again. In the U.S., channels 1 and 11 are generally the least most crowded, while channels within the middle (6 and 8 for instance) are often crowded with cordless telephones, pagers, and other microwave compatible devices. Your results will very, and experimentation is recommended for maximum performance. (Note: Fine tuning your performance can be done by simply using the channel and monitoring how well it functions for you. I still recommend attempting other channels to insure the best possible connection, even if one seems "good enough".)

3. Attempt to keep all devices that generate radio interference from getting between or around your WAP and connecting device (Wii). Such things as microwave ovens, Civilian Band Radios (CB), cordless and cellular telephones, and even vacuum sweepers all examples of devices that will generate radio interference to some degree. It's almost impossible from avoiding at least some levels of interference however reducing them whenever possible is recommended. Cordless telephones of the 900mhz, 2.4ghz, and 5.8ghz range all function on the same sub-frequency and one of the worst for interference, and often are detected by some Wi-Fi routers as "Wi-Fi activity". Please note that your Wi-Fi does function on the 2.4ghz range.

4. LAST but not LEAST! Google it. OR even better for those in the U.S. consider getting your Amateur Radio license. Part of Section 15 of the FCC regulations for Wireless-Fidelity (Wi-Fi or microwave) communication is that licensed operators not only are given "right of way" to non-licensed operators, (which means you can legally prevent others from actually using there cordless telephone for example if it is preventing your communication between your connecting device (Wii) and your WAP who are not licensed), but also you are also granted a much greater power (milliwatts) rating as well as the ability to use custom antennae setups that are illegal without such license.

While there is much more perks than that, however just enough to stay on topic here. :)

That should be enough to keep ya going, however there is a TON of information on this topic and suggest digging into it. I've said more than enough for the time being.
My recommendation is...

phillepino said:

I'm lookin for the best and cheapest wireless router for the wii

Im thinking about getting the Linksys WRT300N, however i think that this is too powerful and I'm worried that the wii doesnt even need this much speed.

So my question is, up to how much internet speed can the wii's wi-fi use or in other words, What's the wii's maximum internet speed?

P.S. If you know the best cheapest router that will give the wii the best possible speed, please leave the info :D

I would recommend a Linksys WRT54G this router is the best one at a cheap affordable price. Trust me I own this router and the computers connect pretty fast except my dads is faster than mine because his computer is connected to the router and moden.
i use linksys one as well...it's really fast in intenet opera and online battling with mario strikers!!! ;)

especially if the router is placed near the wii.... ;)
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I completely forgot to thank everyone for trying to help me!


BTW, i ended up getting a Netgear MIMO router :D

it cost me some money.. bbut it's all for a good cause :D