Wii will have built in camera


Jun 1, 2006
The wii will have a decent camera built into it. You can view the article

-Wii will include a built-in decent resolution camera that can be used to add your face to character models and add innovation to games. These snapshots can be tweaked as well. It is still being decided whether to allow camera to record and stream video. Mention made to have this feature be a strong feature in online play.

Good find, but hopefully this doesn't influence Nintendo to raise the price. I hope it just stays at $199. I don't really care if it has a camera or not.
MasterLink said:
The wii will have a decent camera built into it. You can view the article


Maybe it could be a security device so that if someone tried to steal the Wii it took a photo of them and sent the photo over the net to your personal email account. You could also get it to spy on whoever was watching the TV and get it to send pictures to your inbox every few minutes.
if you read it all it even said that there might be a tool built in the wii to make your own 2d and 3d games and share it on wii connect 24
All this stuff would be known to Nintendo when they discussed "estimated" pricing at trade shows and in interviews so when they announce new features, don't automatically assume it will raise the price. NOA already knew the camera was there ;)
Sounds pretty useless to me, it'll just add more to the final price tag. I'd rather be able to choose wether or not I wanted to buy a camera.
I hope its not under the flap. I'd prefer the sensor bar. Many people will have the actual unit behind cabinet doors, in a rack in another room (like me) etc. I hope there aren't so many issues with the Wii that it ends up not working in my room.
^--hmm, very good point....

ok so maybe not under the flap then, the sensor bar would be a logical place (if they plan to actually integrate it into games) since that is guaranteed to have the player(s) in front of it

though it says built in, i think it could also be something more freely placed like the eye toy and connect via bluetooth.
That would be nice. Personally, I would pay bookoo bucks for a bluetooth sensor bar due to my situation.
yeah, i'm confused about why they chose to wire the bar anyway, granted bluetooth has a fairly limited range (30ft i believe) but that should work for most people
I agree. It may be the battery issue or it may be that they assume not many people have a setup like mine where they can't put the Wii near the TV.