WiiChat's Mario Kart Wii Racers Group 1st Grand Prix!


Angel Of Chaos
Oct 29, 2009
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Hey all! :D Jay here informing you on my group first Mario Kart Grand Prix! • Hoping for at least 8 contestants! (So far have 2: Me and PikaShadow) • Everyone can't use the same character(Daisy reserved for PikaShadow)• Only one rule: No hacking. • Grand Prix Saturday(Was Friday) 6 PM PC/ 7PM C / 8PM E :D Who's ready to burn some hard rubber? :O
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So am j! :D Don't bring the heat bring the Sun! :D
Can I join? My friend code is 1981-6866-1476, and I will use Funky Kong on Flame Runner/Bowser Bike. (They are both the same bike, just different names for different regions.)