Wiimote accessories


Apr 30, 2006
Received this image earlier today in an email, im not sure but i think its an official Nintendo promo. It really opened my eyes to the endless possibilities for addons to the wii remotes.

Remind me of the old powerglove - remember that? :)


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Real live boxing gloves, that aren't even boxing gloves. Interesting.
It does look rather odd, I mean why would you need boxing hand holders when you can just hold the controllers in your hands. Weird
It looks fake and probably is fake, but it does look cool u have to admit:p
fake or not, its a pretty cool concept that will probably have some reality, though it would also drive the cost of the game up if you had to have two wiimotes for every player
but theres two wiimotes how can they control the same player .... unless its programed into the game somehow.... it looks cool but you can tell its fake because i dont think nintendo is using cartoons in their advertising
Maybe one controller for each hand. like in a boxing game u can use your left and right hands. Awesome! That would be very revolutionary.