Wiimote Charging Stations


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Feb 10, 2008
Are the Wiimote charging stations actually worth getting? If so which are longest lasting?
not worth it.
get an energizer charging station, along with the energizer rechargeables. thats your best bet. the charging stations are a bit of a gimmick, they often use low mah batteries.
they're great but be careful though because i had my remotes on one too long after it charged and one of them just died, and the other one kinda ran away.( i lost it)
a proper charge station shouldnt have overcharged/burned out yout battery pack.
I would rather just replace batteries then to get charging batteries.
Charging Station

I have a Psyclone brand station. it doesn't seem to work very well, and the batteries wont hold a charge very long. At this point its randomly flashing. My wish is that it doesn't explode. try to avoid the brand if you can.
get the nyko one. i've have mine since like last january and it works great. charges two are a time. and they hold a charge for a while. def worth it

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