wiimote hassel


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Jul 15, 2006
ok so don't get me wrong I'm totally excited ab the new stle remote but wht ab the ppl who are extremely lazy and just wanna go home and play games not swing something back and forth that would get kinda lame I think but it will be cool like I said but what ab the ppl who come home from work and just want to hit buttons not swing stuff?
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but what a the games that use the swinging motion won that interfere with just pressing a button?
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that's true but sometimes I'm really lazy oh and will a tv be at an angle be a problem does it have to be straight on it?
i wouldnt think so. it would just be harder for you to see everything if its too much of an angle.
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its not to extreme but idk I'm like half asleep and thinking of all the stuff that could go wrong
anyway, u can adjust the wii sensor bar so u can put the way u want, if it is slow for lazys, hard for players, anyway the way u like