Wiimote to have VoIP capabilities?


Apr 30, 2006
Rumours are wild that Nintendo plan on using the wii remote speaker capabilities to allow the remote to act as an online communication tool.

We already know the remote features a built in speaker but what if it also contains a microphone? Nintendo have hinted that there are still Wii functions that have yet to be revealed, but who knows..
I too have been wandering about VOIP capabilities (I posted a thread on the general area half an hour ago without seeing your post). I think it would be a fantastic idea. After all, the next generation of consoles are not looking solely at gaming but MP3 playing, DVD playing, and even global communication.

Imagine something like counter strike on the Wii with communication between players.....mmm.
Whoops... double posted sry.

Wii Mobile possibility? said:
Something I couldn't see Nintendo doing, all that would do is put the console in a higher price bracket, something Nintendo is avoiding at all costs, it seems. They're objective is to make a system everyone can understand, play, and afford (in a nutshell). So personally, I couldn't see any voip capabilities, although online chat through some of their games, maybe.
That would be a great addition to the Wiimote. This would be prefect for their online plans. The Wiimote has to be the most multifunctional controller ever made.
That would be awesome cant wait to hear if thats really going to happen.