WiiSports bundled with...Wii Sports?


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Sep 11, 2006
I stumbled across this site; never mind. I won't advertise. But it's reliable.

I found an article:

"An IGN forum member is reporting that Wii Sports will be bundled with the Wii when it launches this Winter.

The individual, citing reliable sources, claimes that, as well as Wii Sports, the console will also come packaged with an additional nunchuck attatchment and Wii-mote.

“If you don’t believe me now, you will in six days. So sit back, play your Gamecube for a few final memories before you pack it away and replace it with the Wii, and be ready for the 14th. You’ll all be very happy”, he stated.

A wise move on Nintendo’s part, and surely a driving incentive for those forking out for Nintendo’s latest hardware. However, nothing has been confirmed by an official source at this time, so stay tuned for more information.

Thanks to WiiBlog.net."

Looks pretty reliable, I looked at the forum member and his thread discussing this.
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http:// ****************/index.php?showtopic=290

I don't know how to put it properly, so I put a space between the slash and the w. I hope it's allowed.

It's not working. Okay, here, put a VViisay dot com, but with a W instead of VV
I think I'll just wait until nintendo offically annouces what is included, and quite obviously ************* is not a website.
the guy who said it seems very confident in what hes saying, but he might just be misguided
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ghghgh14702-When I put the link, the stars came.
Thats What Hes Was Insinuating... He Can't "Advertise"

NEWay... He Seems Serious... I WOnder If It Will!
ghghgh14702 said:
If you don't advertise the site with only 2 posts its really hard to believe this info.
wait so? if he did advertise that info would be believed..? meh :wtf:

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