Will it still work ?


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Mar 8, 2007
:crazy: I had to get my origional Wii replaced as the store said it was faulty as i was brought on release date but suddenly stopped reading discs.......Anyhow before on my old Wii i had the full internet channel up and running fast but since i have my new one i can't even get on to the flaming shopping channel AT ALL but i have managed to get Wiiconnect 24 up and running with all the updates and have just signed the user agreement after about 20 attempts.....so the question is even though i cannot shop for VC games etc my Wii still displays the yellow light when i turn it off so i know Wiiconnect 24 is on sooooooo if i were to buy MARIO STRIKERS would i still be able to play ONLINE.........cos if not then sod it:mad5:
My Wii Connect 24 works just fine, the shop channel is VERY VERY slow, and my Internet Channel works much more slowly than the PC using the same wireless signal. If your wireless signal is weak I could imagine the Wii would have great difficulty.