Will the four player games extend to an online legacy?


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Aug 2, 2006
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it has recently come to my attention that the 4-player series games (games that have direct number sequals like mario party 4, 5, 6 and so on) made for the Wii would be awesome with online play. Instead of playing mario party 8 (probably coming out for the Wii) with 4 ppl in the room, imagine playing and hitting the dice, playing minigames with ppl all around the word? there will be new ppl to verse and there will always be competition; u wont have trouble finding someone to play with or having enough people to play with...think about it, take another 4-player game meant to b played at home. versing against ppl within the room, like mario kart. will games like these go online for the Wii (of course the sequals after the Gamecubes ones, GC games will not b playable online, obviously)? it would be so interesting to play these games multiplayer on the net, seriously
theyre doing it with SSBB, r they not? its gonna b one of the biggest hits, mostly because of its online capability

what do u guys think about this whole online thing for 4-player games? cool or not?

Also, if u know any other games that will or will possibly be online (4-player games, i know SSBB will obviously be playable online, so disregard that one), let me know...thanks! :yesnod:
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yea thats what im saying, think about my first post...wouldnt it b a blast? it would b 10xs better than regular 4-player mode; heck, u can have competition if ur home alone! forget the "COM"s lol
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imagine playing Mario Party 8 with a random group of ppl from all around the world? a new group to verse, and ull always have ppl to play with...they play mini games and what not with u while u surf the board or just play mini-gamemode, maybe win coins for something special...it would b awesome...o, and u can talk amongst yourselves using the microphone or w/e it is, just as if those ppl were really sittin next to u in the same room
in addition, u will never have a hard time getting enough people to play as well as getting people to play in the first place
xP Maybe some sort of network ID, so you can make a list of people that have it that you've met on the internet or something. For example, I'd have an ID such as Kumoriken, and I could add RPGMaster or something. xP
To extend this idea, what if you incorporated the availability of GameCube controllers, Wiimotes, and Wii DS connectivity for potentially up to twelve or more people in a similar setting?

If you count that many of the Mario Party games had simple controls, relying on the analog stick and a button or two at most, you would have a unique, yet balanced match between the three interfaces.
I've said this before in other threads, but there is precedence for this. MarioKart: Double Dash was playable online through the Warp Pipe project. It basicly tricked the Gamecube into thinking it was connected to another Gamecube via LAN. I really hope someone makes this possible, Nintendo or hacker...although I prefer Nintendo obviously.
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yea images r running thorugh my mind of playing against other ppl, boasting about your great mini-game playing skills; every time i play mario party games with my friends and what not, any time a mini-game comes up, alls i hear is "OH! im good at this one! youre all gonna lose!" or something like that lol...being online will raise the bar all the way :D

its not an idea, its just a thought and a hope for these games :D from what im hearing just from this thread, this will be in favor of the players and would overall make more money for Nintendo...so why would they not make it online?
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i wonder what else they will make online whose to say those popular 4-player games (mainly because of its versing other ppl in real life capability) will make an online legacy after that? going beyond the four controllers and versin new ppl all the time would be awesome...
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can u explain what battalion wars II is to me and what its gonna be like? im not exactly sure what it is everyone's talking about i obviously missed out on Batallion Wars I :D