wind waker widescreen?


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Sep 5, 2006
ok so my friend just gave me his gamecube with wind waker which i am really enjoying, only thin is i have a 32" hd tv so the picture its slightly blurry, i have looked for a widescreen setting but cant seem to find one

any help is much obliged
Look for the function on your Wii. Widescreen will not be available on Wind Waker since it released before Widescreen settings became common for games.

Turn on your Wii. Go to Wii -> Wii Settings -> Screen -> Widescreen settings.

If that is already set up, it means your Wii is keeping Windwaker at a Fullscreen setting.

Your last option is to change the Widescreen settings through your TV.
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dont worry about it i can live with it + my wiis broken , hence why he gave me his Gamecube :)