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Aug 22, 2006

thats right possible playing koisks! check it at http://www.joystiq.com/2006/08/31/ps3-wii-demo-kiosks-revealed/
i wonder how they're gonna keep the wiimotes safe, and if that long thing is a cord i hope its long enoug because if you're playing baseball from wiisports, you might accidently hit someone
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well, i think people will respect the wii more...so they would handle the wii mote, as if it were broken glass.

i mean just look at it! looks like a slice of heaven!
I heard dat'!:lol:

Looks cool, that is pretty dumb that they made the tv so high on the PS3 one...though it's better to look up when ur playing a game then to look down, but it's better to do the Wii way and make it so u look straight ahead...
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well think logically. if youre trying to hit a baseball, you wouldnt swing up towards the tv, when the sensor is below. so they make it eye level so you can get the correct feel. plus i cant think of any reason they would want to put it high up, unless they dont want viewers to get a good close look at the bad graphics.

but whatev. mate its not about the graphix
well you guys, i can awnser 2 questions with 1 awnser, the thing connected to the wiimote (i believe) is a stick so that it will show if people try to stuff it in their pockets, but i dont think its that full proof anyways, i would do a like casing that goes over the wii mote (light but unable to take off without a key or something) then that is tired to teh booth
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oh my god. i just found the greatest plan.! the string is a pull string attached to the remote. and once the string is removed from the wiimote, then!!! guess what!!

BOOM! the alarm goes off and it uses the speaker in the controller, so people will know youre stealing.
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sorry my bad i forgot lol. i cant believe that i actually thought ps3 was in the competition with the wii. i forgot it wasnt really a competition, after the wii hit the top 10 in wikipedia.