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Oct 16, 2006
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i very excited this game is coming out tommorow, it will hold me over for 6 days till the Wii gets here. yoshi island on the snes was great so the sequal will be even better.

looks gr8! getting this for xmas including elite beat agents and ff3
I Loved The Original, Even Though I Was 4 And Only Got To World Five On The SNES But I Beat It On GBA And It Was A Masterpiece. Im Definitely Getting It On DS.:thumbsup:
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UkranianTractor said:
This game looks cool. I've never played Yoshi's Island before. How good is it compared to New Super Mario Bros.?

its MUCH better
Pre ordered it last week, I think i made a thead about it. Can't wait to pick it up tomorrow :)
I beat it on the GBA and i look forward to getting it this Christmas. Oh did u know that they will have baby donkey kong , baby mario (duh) , and baby luigi in it? SO FUN!!!
Just got it, yet to play it.

^ Baby Luigi is NOT a playable character. He is the only Baby who was captured.
WHAT??? I heard that he was on the commercial or it might have been G4 TV not sure.
The book from the game (still havent played it, planning on doing it tonite) says nothing about playing as Baby Luigi, and the Wikipedia entry says he was captured.
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game is awesome :) great filler till wii comes sunday
Im on World 5 level 5 I believe. I cant believe there is a snow level~! I Love snow levels in games and this is one of, if not the best, the best snow levels i have seen in a game. Its white, cheerful, colorful, and the trees look awesome! + lil fat penguins! Ive been taking time so i havent been advancing fast redoing levels to try to unlock stuff <--hella hard!