Your 10/10 Music Albums


Bulls on Parade
Aug 23, 2006
Long Beach, CA
We all have our favorite types of music right? Well post your music albums that you think are PERFECT 10/10 worthy. Post as many as you like, or as less as you like. Here are mine:

Chutes Too Narrow - The Shins
Garden State Soundtrack - Various Artists
Rage Against the Machine - Battle of Los Angles
Radiohead - Kid A
Jump, Little Children - Self Titled
Cold Play - Parachutes
Remy Zero - Villa Elaine
Linkin Park - Metora
The Offspring - Americana
3 perfect 1s

1. Give Up - The Postal Service <-- all time favorite
2. Mutter - Rammstein
3. Reise Reise - Rammstein
You might not like this kind of music, but to me, theese are perfect

1. Stone Sour's self-entitled album, every song really just blows my mind. (I personally think there newe Come What(ever) May album blows.)
2. Slipknot's latest Volume 3: The Subliminal Verses CD, It may not be my favorite kind of metal, but it defidently is there best work and ounce again, every track is just slipknot goodness wrolled up into a 4 minute eargasm.
3. Seether's Karma & Effect CD, ounce again, every track just blows my mind. (There actually a Rock band and not a Metal band, but there still are my favorite band of all time.)
I've got tastes all over the musical spectrum, but mainly indie, post-rock and electronica. Don't know if any of you will like this stuff, but here's my all time favourites:

DJ Shadow- Endtroducing...
Radiohead- OK Computer
Aphex Twin- Selected Ambient Works '85-'92
Orbital- Orbital 2 (The Brown Album)
R.E.M.- Murmur
Nirvana- Unplugged in New York
Boards of Canada- Music Has the Right to Children
Godspeed You Black Emperor!- Yanqui U.X.O.
Nick Drake- Bryter Layter
The Velvet Underground- White Light/White Heat
Manic Street Preachers- The Holy Bible
The Orb- The Orb's Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld
Californication-Red Hot Chili Peppers
Led Zeppelin IV-Led Zeppelin
Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band-The Beatles
In Utero-Nirvana
MetroidZ said:
snoop dogg - R&G the masterpiece

juelz santana - what the games been missin
Get Doggystyle... kicks R&G's a$$ :lol:

I give 5 mics for...
Nas - Illmatic
Outkast - Atliens
Big L - Lifestyles of the Poor and Dangerous
Outkast - Idlewild : its growin on me, got it today :D
Kurupt - Tha Streetz iz a Mutha
Wu Tang Clan - Enter the Wu-Tang 36 Chambers

They'll do for now :)