Your Favorite Mini-Game?


Oct 20, 2007
New Jersey, USA
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What's your favorite mini-game in Resort?

Mine has to be Sword-Fighting. The stages where you go forward hitting and knocking out people with one hit from the sword is a blast!
Right now my favorite is the ping-pong return game. It can get frustrating if you have just two bad games, however; your skill points will PLUNGE rapidly.
Bowling was my favourite on the original, and it's my favourite on this one as well. Ping pong makes a close second, but I would prefer it if they would've added tennis as well.
I really like Swordplay. Table tennis and the Island Flyover are good too.
Swordplay -> Archery -> 3 on 3

The Frisbee was interesting for starters, probably would enjoy the Frisbee golf. I haven't got into many of the other games. I've only had it for a few days.

If the Swordplay used the Wii Board for moving and ducking, that would be awesome. But, I guess Nintendo left that open for another game.
I agree with others - Swordplay, then Archery, then Basketball

For swordplay, I like that 1-against-many mode best, when you have to fight your way past a bunch of opponents.
it has:
jet ski jumping (wakeboarding)
frisbee throwing
bicycle cycling
canoe rowing
airplane flying and dogfighting
ping pong
jet ski (go through the rings)
basketball (3point shootout and 3 on 3)