Zombie Apocalypse!


The XBOX 360 Guy
Jul 18, 2007
Wii Online Code
Right its this new Arcade game and im wondering if anybody else got it or the demo, i so far find it quite fun, its 800 points and i reccomend, it though, im not sure how long it will remain fun.

you fight of waves of zombies which grow stronger in numbers and types each round. you use an arsenal of around 10 wepons.
theres 55 waves
then theres more types of games modes with more waves.

its 4 player xbox live and i reccomend trying it out.

and also wanna know if people do have it and wanna play to hit me up on xbox live.
its a fun game but very repetative,it's better playing online with people though,sort of last man standing........:yesnod: