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Activision Releases More Details on the New Version of Battleship

Discussion in 'Featured News' started by Maura, Mar 26, 2012.

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    Jul 7, 2011
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    Activision has just released new information about its forthcoming game Battleship, which is due for release in April in Europe and May in North America. The game is inspired by Hasbro’s classic naval strategy game of the same name, and is a seek-and-find adventure with turn-based strategy gameplay that puts players in command of their own naval fleet as they attempt to defend the earth against alien invaders. As you battle against the aliens, primarily on the high seas, you’ll get the chance to be in charge of a naval fleet of real-world vessels such as submarines, destroyers, patrol boats and many more. The turn-based gameplay features elements of actual naval warfare command as well as Navy personnel characters that each have their own unique abilities to offer the war effort. The game also boasts unlockable content and customizable modes, making each Battleship game experience exclusive to the Admiral behind the helm.

    Click here to find out more about the game: http://www.battleshipthevideogame.com/


    Source: Activision

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