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Another of Afo's Character rants....

Discussion in 'Smash Brothers' started by Afo, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Afo

    Afo WiiChat Member

    Mar 13, 2008
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    Today I will be talking about CHARIZARD

    I know he's a very contraversial character... I say this because almost everyone i talk to say he's super strong, or super unbalanaced, or cheap, or bad, or godly, or etc.

    Now I am here to post MY opinions on this character (and you guys will soon learn that I am not a biased person at all, I grade characters based on my own little character basing way :-D)

    Although he loses a Bdown move, there are 3 pokemon that the trainer can use so that makes up for it... but anyways... onto:


    I've heard so many opinions about charizard. About how he's not strong, and how he's supposed to be, and how he's slow, and has no range, and all that crap. Well guys, that just means you don't know how to use him. Yes he has really short range for being such a hulking dragon, but he is NOT WEAK!!! Seriously, you guys need to experiment before saying your opinions. I actually have proof :-D

    Charizard's seemingly "useless move": Rock Smash is actually godly... if used correctly

    If used just to throw rocks at people, it will not work. What it is meant for, is using when a person is RIGHT next to you.
    YOu will do 3 steps of damage:
    Taking out the rock: ~8%
    Smashing the Rock: ~13%
    Flying Rocks: ~6%

    Now, this may not seem like much, but imagine using this against a giant guy like bowser. If you hit them with this at the right moment (which i can do sometimes, although very rarely) You will do ~8+~13+~6 x however many rocks hit him

    Usually around 2 rocks hit, making the damage AROUND 33% this is pretty darn good damage, considering it's not even a combo, just a single move

    This move is ESPECIALLY AMAZING in SSE when you fight all those big bad monsters, just go up to them and rock smash them :-D and they'll be dead in no time

    Yes charizard IS slow, and his normal a's are kind of weak, and his smash attack is slow but strong, therefore I personally would not use charizard in a battle against any fast characters.

    Now for what i rate charizard
    Usefulness: C+
    Power: B+
    Overall: B-

    After playing around 6 charizard players through WFC i have figured out some decent tactics to use with charizard (And i making up names to go along with them)

    Flaming Hurricane: When an opponent runs at you... STOP THEM with your fire, then as they're getting hit with recoil, run up to them, grab them, and toss them DOWNARDS, they will fly up VERY LITTLE and then use ROCK SMASH, if done correctly you can get off around, 43% damage this way :-D

    Flame Edge: Throw and opponent off the edge, and when they get near, use the fire breathe thingie... It'll annoy them a lot, and then once you run out of fire, jump off the edge and hit them to the side and FOLLOW THEM in the air. Then get beneathe them and use his UP B attack. If this is done correctly, you can potentially kill the opponent and do around: 31% damage or less
  2. NintendoGamer

    NintendoGamer WiiChat Member

    Nov 25, 2006
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    Charizard in my opinion should only be used after you have used squirtle/ivysaur and damaged the opponent up to 70% +. This is because although he is powerful and big with that rock smash move, your gonna end up losing to other bigs like Bowser and King Dedede. And of course, charizard will get an ass kicking from any quick character

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