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Bob Ross coming to the Wii!

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Gaming' started by Hellview, Nov 12, 2006.

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    Bob Ross Interview

    Bob Ross Wii
    Console Wii
    Genre Simulation
    Publisher Agfrag Entertainment
    Developer Agfrag Entertainment
    # of Players 1
    Release Date TBA 2007
    ESRB Rating Not Rated
    Website AGFRAG Entertainment

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    April 07, 2006

    by: Phillip Levin

    We talk to the folks at AGFRAG about their Bob Ross Revolution title in this exclusive interview.

    Some readers might have thought it was an April Fools joke when AGFRAG announced that it was developing a video game for Nintendo Revolution based off the PBS series Bob Ross, but we assure it’s not. In fact, AMN recently spoke with Joseph Hatcher at the company about its upcoming Bob Ross title. Check out our full interview with him below.

    AMN: First off thank you for joining us here at AMN, I know your busy and talk of the recent announcement has been all over the net.

    How do you feel about the fact that many gamers assumed this game was an April Fool's Day joke?

    AGFRAG: The press release went out before the Game Developers Conference (Mar 20-24th), and it snowballed from there. The timing was good I suppose.

    AMN: How did the concept of a Bob Ross title come to mind. Have you been a big fan of Mr. Ross and do you consider yourself an artist?

    AGFRAG: I've been a Bob Ross fan since childhood. I don't think my stuff will ever be in galleries, but I do well enough to get my designs across to people [smile].

    AMN: AGFRAG is an interesting studio set up, for those readers in the dark might you be able to give a rundown of what AGFRAG is all about and how it was developed?

    AGFRAG: We are a group of students, indies and pros working on our projects in a virtual office-type setting. Some of my team is with me locally. We like our creative freedom. I'm sorry I don't have time to tell you more right now.

    AMN: Many other art titles have hit both the PC and game systems, for example Mario Paint. What kinds of similarities and differences can gamers expect.

    AGFRAG: I can tell you more when we get to Alpha or Beta. That is still a way off.

    AMN: Have you started development on the title, and how long have you been slaving away at this sure fire masterpiece?

    AGFRAG: We recently acquired the license and are designing the games for each format.

    AMN: A few of us at AMN are big Bob Ross fans. One of our editors rocks his Happy Trees shirt as often as he can, yet its not as if Mr. Ross is a "big name" in gaming. Why the choice to explore a franchise like this to today's market.

    AGFRAG: Because I want to expand upon what Bob Ross did for painting and helping people have a calming, soothing effect watching him paint. I want to translate that feeling into the games, so they are fun, but at the same time you just love to play or watch someone play.

    AMN: While the DS and Revolution seem to be the perfect fit for a "art" title, can you give a few example of how each device will be used in the game?

    AGFRAG: To remain competitive, we can't tell you anything in regards to that, sorry.

    AMN: How will the DS version differ from the Revolution version, and will they at all be connected?

    AGFRAG: To remain competitive, we can't tell you anything in regards to that, sorry.

    AMN: Aside from standard painting will there be tutorials and other items that might be more game based?

    AGFRAG: To remain competitive, we can't tell you anything in regards to that, sorry.

    Bob Ross himself

    AMN: Is painting the only art style we will see in the title?

    AGFRAG: To remain competitive, we can't tell you anything in regards to that, sorry.

    AMN: Nintendo has stated in interviews that its system will have USB ports... might we be able to print or email our works of art?

    AGFRAG: We are considering it.

    AMN: With a title like this I am sure it isn't easy to find a publisher as its an outside the box idea. Would you ever consider using Nintendo's Virtual Console setup for digital distribution?

    AGFRAG: We are considering it.

    AMN: Bob Ross always had a calming voice that eased viewers into taking ricks within their painting, will we be hearing his voice used in the title?

    AGFRAG: Absolutely.

    AMN: How has the family of Bob as well as PBS responded to your licensing of Mr Ross and his work?

    AGFRAG: I can't speak for Bob Ross' family or PBS, but Bob Ross Inc. has been very supportive of what we are wanting to do for the games.

    AMN: Did you want to develop this title for a while, or was it the creation of the DS and Revolution that sparked the idea to develop such a title?

    AGFRAG: I put two and two together about 3 or 4 months ago.

    AMN: When can AMN readers expect to see the first showcase of Bob Ross Painting.

    AGFRAG: When we're ready, the world will know ;)

    AMN: What other titles does AGFRAG have in the works?

    AGFRAG: Good question, first time I've been asked. A puzzle game called Gami Jami and a children’s book called Sippies Two Teeth Trouble. We don't just make games.

    AMN: Well thanks once again for taking the time to chat about this unique title. I am sure many fans of Mr. Ross as well as gaming in general are looking forward to it. Any final words for our AMN readers?

    AGFRAG: We are hoping to hear from Bob Ross fans and the gamer community about what they want in the games. Wish us luck!! Thank you for the interview

    fun fun fun
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    Yeah, i heard about it some time ago, quite a long time ago. It's kinda funny but seems that it could work with a Wiimote

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