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Component & Progressive Scan - Verdict

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Hardware' started by Haz, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. Haz

    Haz Nintendo Encyclopedia

    Nov 22, 2006
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    England, UK
    Like many people on these forums, I didn't really know what to expect with component cables, except the fact that it 'improves the picture quality'. Having recently brought an HD TV that supported progressive scan I thought that there would be no harm in purchasing a component cable, at the end of the day it was only £20, nothing to really cry about if it turns out to be a waste of money.

    After not playing my Wii for about 8 days, it was a nice surprise when the postman knocked on my door with a package from Game. Inside were the cables that I ordered ages ago (almost forgot about).

    So after I finished work today, I decided to plug it all up to see to what extent my £20 had improved my Wii. But before I did, I thought it best to recap on what the graphics looked like playing Zelda.

    So after mentaly taking in what Zelda looked playing through Composite, I unpluged it all and then attached my new purchase.

    A quick switch on and it was instantly noticeable that their was an improvment to the brightness and sharpness of the Wii Home Screen. I then went to System Setup and set my TV as Component/Progress Scan (it had been currently set to 60Hz). With Zelda still in the drive, I navigated back to the home screen and selected the game.

    What can I say, except WOW. Gone are all the grainly/blury textures, which have been replaced by sharp graphical images that we have come to expect these days. Even the Zelda title screen/intro looked noticably different.

    So what's my advise to those people here who aren't to sure whether it's worth if. "If you have an HD TV, you NEED this cable. The sharp and crystal clear picture needs to be seen to be believed. I would almost go to say, that for your TV to display images from your Wii correctly, you need component cables."

    For those who can't afford component cables, beg, borrow or steal (maybe not the latter)... It is a worthy investment.

    -Haz :)

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