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DBZ alternete universe ch 1

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by SSJJason, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. SSJJason

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    Nov 23, 2007
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    *NOTE* This is my first time typing a fanfic so don't be hard on me if it isn't perfect... Oh and alittle borrowed from naruto.

    PROLOGE: There once was a race called saviors,these warriors had amazing strength and speed. It was split up into 4 clans which were the son clan the strongest known for there saringan and rare kazuguken mark, Judgo clan known for there ability to control heat, the kuzen clan known from taregan,
    and the weakest sage clan which didnt have any special ability but super speed. Every clan execpt the sage, can transform into a super savior which
    has 6 forms. Son clan surviors are: Goku, Jason,timothy ,tey, william and pam.
    Oh and veggie.

    Meanwhile at future city middle high school...

    Hey kari... said william
    Um hi...said kari
    Flirting with the school's hottest girl huh william? said a smirking Jason with one foot on the wall arms crossed.
    Get lost Jason! yeled william pushing Jason
    Jason turns super savior punching william then kicking him straight at a tree
    William also turns super savior attempting to punch Jason who does a matrix dodge then kneeing william in the chest.
    Kari blushing tells them to stop fighting...
    However the princiapal watched the whole thing which lands william and Jason in detention.
    Timothy ,tey, pam and kari go get lunch
    Suddenly a table gets thrown at the trio , but timothy breaks it.
    Hey! said timothy
    The dark figure attacked the trio...
    Pam freezes the energy blast then helps the other kids get out safetly
    Meanwhile Jason is getting beat up by william ...Jason then punches william out the window. Your dead! Yells william throwing a tree.
    Jason goes super sayian 6 , then in a blink of a eye brutaly kicks william all the way across the city...
    Pam then encounters a william look a like... the stranger goes for a attack but pam drags the fight to the coldest room in the school...Once there pam
    awaits the stranger...the stranger jumps up trying to find pam.
    Pam then freezes his legs which forces him to talk.
    What are you doing here? says pam
    Im on a mission to kill.. Jason Son! Yells the teenager
    My name is scorpics... says the teen
    I should waste you...said Pam
    Pam then freezes the teen then stuffes him into the ice cream secret storage room.
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    May 30, 2006
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    Urrgh fan fiction

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