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Galaxy ball! / Game universes crossover

Discussion in 'The Entertainment Lounge' started by RaphaelTMNT, Jan 25, 2009.

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    Feb 24, 2007
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    Galaxy Ball

    By Kris Garrett

    Within a galaxy far from any other, it is a place of immense ferocious competition. Fortred the ruler of the planet Quifeza, watches in dismay as his all star football team the Shreds are subjugated by the defending champions of a rival planet, known as the flame wolves. The score ends at 17 to 51, this game was his team’s preceding chance at the playoffs. So many things go through his mind, but the thing that upsets him at most is he put the entire planets currency on the line. In other words, he forfeited his entire planets reserves! He is approached by the coach of the wolves.

    “Your team isn’t too appalling, but we could have detained them to only three. We wanted the fans to have somewhat of an enjoyable game, here at your home stadium. You have Eight month’s to get all of your planets fortunes, to Cosbo.” Phelm tells.

    The two go their separate ways afterward, heading to their individual locker rooms. Players from the winning team get interviewed on the field. Fortfred gives a long agonizing speech to his players, before leaving the dome sooner than customary. He travels over to a large capital building, where the globe leaders congregate. He enters the room to see that everyone was already in anticipation of him.

    “You don’t have to inform us Fortred, we saw the ending fallout. We just need to know why you thought it smart to put this planet’s future in jeopardy; you took a huge gamble and lost!!” One guy says.

    “Do you think it smart to sacrifice this planet over a team game!! You’re out of your **** mentality!! Did you really think the Shreds had a chance against the champions?! Come to life Fortred, this planet has the seven worst teams out of the planets in this intact galaxy. Now what are we supposed to tell our people?!!! Our teams cannot compete with any of the top 15, and you put everything on the possibility of them beating the unsurpassed!

    Over thirty different people sit at the long table, in opposition back and forth! Fortred finally shouts over them all, getting everyone’s awareness. He takes a seat at the end of the table.

    “I know I messed up big time, but I think there is a way I can renovate this. It will have nothing to do with any teams of this galaxy. I want you all just to listen in and don’t ask any questions until I am entirely finished.”

    The room is soundless as he speaks undoubtedly. There is not much of a choice, which leads them all to agree with his bail out arrangement.

    Days later

    One of the greatest heroes acknowledged by the people of the mushroom kingdom walks through the castle. He looks around at the many different photos, lost in his bottomless train of contemplation. This is short lived.

    “Mario, Mario get down here!! I think we might have some turmoil!” Toad yells.

    The Plumber runs down the many stairs, looking out of a window. His eyes broaden to see what seems to be an multitude of un known creatures.

    “Reside at this juncture; I’m going out there to see what this is all regarding.”

    Toad grabs Mario by his appendage, keeping him from departing.

    “Do you think it is Peach they are here for?”

    “I don’t know, and won’t find out just standing around. Just stay here; I’m not sure what there intentions are.”

    Mario pulls his arm from Toads grasp exiting the front entrance. The plumber looks around, staggered at the magnitude of the colossal assemblage. He takes a few steps forward, as two of them draw near him. They stop in front of him. Mario shakes a bit uneasy.

    “Don’t be fearful human, we come in serenity. In fact we need the aid of you and numerous others, so listen very carefully. Before I continue further I need something established. Are you the ingenious Mario?” The being asks.

    Mario gulps bewildered and fascinated on how the individual knows his distinctiveness.

    “Mamma Mia, how did you know that?! What are you creatures?”

    “Your query will be answered in time, but for now we have incredibly significant information for you. We come from a planet called Quifeza, and currently right now our planet has suffered in many different ways. To get down to the point, our prime problem is the cash! We almost have none left, with that said our people will give out given the fact we won’t be able to trade with neighboring planets.”

    The plumber looks up puzzled, wondering exactly why this information is being given to him. The piece about the trading with other planets confuses him even further.

    “I don’t see how this is my predicament, I couldn’t help you even if I sought to. By the sounds of it, your planet has lost over trillions and trillions of dollars! Not even the Princess would be able to assist you. Can’t your neighboring planets, help you guy’s out?”

    “That is not how things work out; the leaders of each planet don’t help unless they are getting something in return. We have nothing to furnish; we pretty much have nothing left. But there is still optimism.”

    “I’m listening.”

    “I’ll try and make this brief, but the planets in our galaxy are all for competition! Particularly sports, I’m sure you are familiar with the sport called football. Any way, this is the only chance we can make the massive bucks. Do you follow?”

    “I’m just wondering where you’re going with this.”

    “We need sixteen teams to be put together. Just so you are not enlightened, I am talking about the NFL style football. The citizens of our galaxy would pay large amounts to see teams compete with each other, from another world. That sport is most popular among most everyone in our galaxy.”

    Mario jumps back putting his hands in front of him.

    “Wow hold on a sec, I don’t play that form of football! Do you understand what you’re asking of me, it’s a unmitigated l waste of time? Go find someone else from your home planet, or some place else. The sport itself is terrific, but why have you come to me? My answer is no”

    The alien life forms are quite for a little while before discourse.

    “What if I told you we have spoken with Donkey Kong and Bowser, who have both arranged to take part? I believe you are associated in one way or another with the two of them.”

    Mario crosses his arms while looking up at them. A small smile escapes his face.

    “I guess you can count me in as well, but you need to explain to me further how everything is going to go. How exactly is sports going to get your planet back up, do you know how insane that sounds? And how am I supposed to confide in you beings?”

    “Trust me Mario, it will work. I will tell you some of the small details you will need to be on familiar terms with. Since you have agreed to join, is there a precise position you’d like to play? I know you haven’t really taken on this sport, but each team will be given four month’s to prepare.”

    “I would like to play Quarter back!” Mario says smiling.

    “A stadium will also be built for each team; the team captain/Quarter back chooses where it will be built. Our experts can put them together within two weeks. Be sure to notify your brother about these proceedings. You will be able to put a team together once all participants are on our planet. We will be back in five hours, be sure to meet us in this exact spot.”

    With those preceding words, a huge space ship shines its luminosity over the aliens. They are zapped into the ship. Mario turns away for one second, and the space shuttle is gone. Toad comes out of the castle, standing next to Mario. He is thinking hard again, trying to figure out how they knew who he was.

    “So what is it they sought after?”

    “I will explain to you, when Luigi returns with the princesses.”

    Many dimensions away

    A Lombax works on the vehicle of a civilian. A large quantity of energy forms in the firmament, as a huge space shuttle appears shooting a huge radiance down onto the grassy meadow. The alien creatures are now on a planet called Veldin. The aliens head over toward the Lombax that works on a automobile, near a edifice site.

    “I take it that you are Ratchet?” One of them asks.

    He steps from behind the vehicle, surprised to see these mysterious beings.

    “Yes I am what is it that I can assist you with?”

    “We would like you to join a huge sporting event. I hope you are familiar with football!”

    Ratchet listens as he is given the information. He is a bit skeptical with the whole thing, but decides to join in an attempt to help them out. The aliens decide to split up into three different space ships to cover more ground quickly, leaving the planet afterwards. Another portal opens over an island, where an orange bandicoot snoozes under a tree. An additional Bandicoot lifts weights nearby. The bandicoot drops the pounds as the aliens approach.

    “Are you Crash bandicoot?”

    “No, that is him over there. Is there a message you’d like me to give him when he awakes?”

    “I guess that make’s you Crunch, you will also work well for what we necessitate.”

    He is given the proposition, and agrees to their offer. He speaks for Crash and himself. Worlds away in a hefty city, lasers are being shot back and forth. A wolf jumps up with two blasters in his hands, shooting at a Fox who shoots back at him. The Fox jumps behind a wall.

    “What’s going on down there Fox? Do you need back up sent to you?”

    “Don’t worry about me Krystal; I want you and Falco to battle the enemies off in the sky.” Fox replies through his communications mouth piece.

    A portal forms in the sky, getting the attention of both Fox and Wolf. A light from the ship shines in front of them both. The aliens appear in a flash; both Fox and wolf aim their weapons at them.

    “There is no need for that; we come with no impairment Fox McCloud and Wolf O’Donnell.”

    Wolf is so astounded that he unintentionally drops one of his blasters. Fox puts his weapon down to the side.

    “We seek your assistance, which includes you both. I have been doing this for a while now, so don’t ask any questions in anticipation of me finishing.”

    The same information is given to them, just like the numerous others. Both Fox and Wolf stand in place speechless. That is until a chuckle escapes from Wolf.

    “I don’t know who you take me for, do you seriously think I would devastate my schedule helping a dismal species like you?! What you have asked of me is merely for boy scouts, enough said.”

    “Did I indicate there will be a lot of money involved, for teams with captivating records?”

    “Who do you think I am, you just got done saying your planet doesn’t have much left. You seem like a hypocrite in all integrity.” Wolf replies.

    “You don’t pay attention much do you; some of the money we get from the spectators will go toward your compensation. The people from the surrounding planet of ours will be the one’s attending your games. They will also be able to watch from their homes.”

    Wolf crosses his arms while lively.

    “I think I might be interested in this, how long do we have to make a resolution?”

    “I need an answer right now.”

    Both Corneria fighters are soundless as the moment itself becomes intense! Fox steps to the side, contacting one of his teammates. Not even a minute passes as Falco descends his vehicle onto the ground. He joins by Fox and Wolf. The leader of the star wolf team has called off the attack, enforcing his pilots to retreat.

    “Can either of you tell me what this is all about, shouldn’t we be attacking Wolf and his crew Fox?! What, have the two of you decided to take a break?” Falco asks a bit perturbed.

    “Quite down Lombardi, these creatures have a promising proposition for us all.” Wolf explains.

    Falco stands in place as the information is given to him. His eyes narrow a bit at some of the things, which are said. Nevertheless, he does not back down from a challenge, he is the first out of the three to agree to their terms. Both Wolf and Fox agree to it as well.

    “I guess we lost track of time, which will change things a little bit. I’m going to ask the three of you to come aboard our ship now.”

    A laugh escapes Wolf.

    “Do you actually think I am that irrational to do such a thing? I don’t think so.” Wolf replies.

    “I understand that you are concerned of your wellbeing, but I can assure you that none of you will be harmed in any kind of way. We must take you all back to our home planet, which is where the draft will take place.”

    “What is the draft?” Fox asks.

    “It is what will be the method for putting all sixteen teams together.”

    The three of them agree to their terms again, as long as they could carry their weapons aboard. Krystal as well as panther joins them before entering. They do not return to their home planet instantaneously, the alien life forms continue to travel the many different galaxies recruiting participants. This ends after a while. The many different chosen players enter the planet of Quifeza, on different spacecrafts. Tiny Tiger steps out of a ship, looking around to see what appears to be hundreds of different inhabitants. Dingodile stands right behind him, as the alien race leads the enormous group into a large dome of some sort. The many participants start conversation amongst each other. A familiar blue hedgehog stands within the crowd, among a group of his allies.

    “I can’t believe how much this place is packed; wow this is getting me excited!” Sonic tells.

    Knuckles just stands next to him, with his arms crossed.

    “You don’t seem too excited. We must have lost Amy and tails in this large crowd.”

    Knuckles does not reply, as someone steps onto a podium in front of the crowd. The person picks up a microphone, as everyone quiets down.

    “I would like to take this instant to thank you all for coming, as you know our survival is in peril. I will not go through all of the details on how we got in this position, all you need to know is we need each and everyone’s help in this showground. This event will consist of 16 teams, with 16 regular season games. There will be four teams to a division.”

    Everyone listens as the rules and regulations are explained.

    “Before we begin the main event, I want to inform you all of a few things. There will be twenty cheer leaders to a team, and you cannot purposely commit fatal hits on the field or you will be fined. If you can all look around in this dome, we have set up one area for each position. Go to the area of the position you would like to do.”

    Each individual heads over to the area of his or her interest. It takes over twenty minutes before everyone is completely finished. Sixteen alien beings step onto the stage on both sides of the announcer.

    “Before we begin I would like to introduce myself, I am Fortred known as the leader of this world. I would like to introduce you all to Fred, Joe, Chris, Hec, Ken, Dan, Wiley, Mark, Jay, T.J, zelph, Carter, Ralph, Greg, Tim, and Frank. These will be the owner of each franchise. It will be a gamble for them all, as none of you are players of this sport. That is why there will be four months of training camp, once you are on a team. And just like any team sport, if you are not wanted, you will be traded. If there are no more questions, the draft will begin now.”

    To Be Continue

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