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DJ Max Techinica for the WiiU

Discussion in 'Wii U Games' started by handy333, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. handy333

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    Mar 8, 2010
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    Okay, if you like dj max and want to get good at it, join this site: http://clandjmax.webs.com/

    If you never heard of dj max, either google it or don't read.

    Story(a bit vague)

    Dj max originated on the PC as an online MMO. [Its a beat mania but with original songs I guess]
    This game was a korean(and I guess japanese) only.[But oddly its perfectly english friendly]

    It got big on the PSP.(Still only released in Korea and maybe japan only but still oddly english friendly)
    There was lots of games that was created for the psp.

    The game was highly pirated by everyone on psp.[Maybe because it was ENGLISH friendly]

    Pentavision(company) was probably like "*some Korean text here translated* This is HORSE S*****, i'll show their pirating..."
    They released DJ MAX TRILOGY for PC only.

    Whats wrong with that? I'll tell you if you want if you request it. Trying to keep this as short as I can.

    I think before trilogy there was a psp version called International edition that only came out for I guess japan, china, and korea.

    I think america only got Fever, and 3.

    Any ways, the pirating continued like a condition. Except for the legendary TRILOGY!
    PC games are easy to pirate you say? All pc game should be like the legendary TRILOGY! If your curious, request it.

    Getting to my point:

    Pentavision said that they were planning to move from the PSP to either microsoft(xbox360) or nintendo(wii).

    People has been looking forward for this for sometime. I think since this was declared, they made 2 more games for the psp. I believe these 2 was released in america.

    I don't know when DJ max technica was released but there are 2 of them. And has a whole different system to it. And it was Arcade only.[I think the arcade deal would have greatly fixed their piracy problems for their other games.]

    Technica requires a TOUCHSCREEN to play it.

    If you know the game and is a fan, do you think it's coming out for the WiiU?

    Dj max 3 had a 3d feel to it, do you think that could...actually never mind on that. You would go blind due to the intense movement of the notes on the 3ds...maybe technica...

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