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Do You Want JustJam On It?!

Discussion in 'Nintendo News & Rumors' started by Wii News, Jul 2, 2011.

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    Oct 10, 2009
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    JustJam is an innovative music creation/rhythm game from Zivix that will be arriving on WiiWare next Tuesday, July 7. The freeform rhythm game lets you create your own musical mixes across top genres such as pop, rock, techno, alternative and hip hop. In the game, you get to be the band as you mix and remix live music instantly, controlling 16 live jams with your Wii Remote, using hundreds of exciting music tracks and sounds. Anyone can pick up and play music in the game using two unique playing styles. You can also jam with music featuring your favourite genres and cool artists across six creative visual venues, and score points and unlock content as you go.
    “Many popular music-based games have lost their groove, but we continue to see a new breed of music gaming emerge, with dancing and singing features bringing more players back into the fold.” said Chad Koehler, Vice President of Zivix. “JustJam provides a completely new approach that brings the player even closer to the music where they can truly interact with the music, not just listen.”


    Here’s a list of the game’s main features:
    • 16 Music Tracks (Jams)
    • 6 Dynamic Venues flowing to your tune
    • Play with the Mixing board or go Freestyle
    • Save, Edit and Remix your Performance
    • Multiple Profiles
    • Share your performance by saving* on the Wii Remote
    • Gain Experience Points and unlock more musical power
    • New Downloadable Jams

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