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Enjoy Godfather? Definitely give Scarface a try

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Gaming' started by ThrillSeeker, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. ThrillSeeker

    ThrillSeeker The Italian

    Jan 2, 2007
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    Hey guys, I just rented scarface this weekend, and I have to say the game has been quite a good time. It's very addictive and makes me want to keep playing. I was going to buy it, but I backed out while at wal-mart and just rented it. Figured I could keep it for a while...thanks no late fees! haha :gjob:

    Anyway, for those of you who haven't played it on ps2 or xbox here's what I think:

    - Controls are perfect and work sooo well for this type of game
    - shooting, driving, kickin ass are all more fun than any GTA (I've played them all)
    - excellent licensed soundtrack, you can even make custom mixes
    - awesome, believable voice acting with tons of lines of dialogue
    - the whole empire setup works very well, and is well organized
    - if you're having fun it's incredibly addictive, taking out gangs is a fun random romp when you're not doing business
    - Firefights are sooooo much fun and really simple due to the great aiming controls.
    Taking out specific body parts is easy, and the blind rage (first person shooter invincibilty mode) controls great
    - Some really fun cars and boats to drive
    - You can actually do missions as tony's driver, his enforcer or his assasin

    - first off, the graphics are nothing great, but I guess that's to be expected for this type of game. San Andreas looked better overall.
    However, the locations are well done, some of the car models are great, the characters are modeled pretty good, the draw distance
    for the most part is good, and the framerate is pretty damn solid
    - it could be considered quite repetitive if you're not enjoying it. What I mean is to build up Tony's empire again you're going to be doing
    a lot of the same sometimes (eg. follow a lead, do mission, meet supplier, buy drugs, sell drugs, make money, buy front, rinse, lather, repeat)
    - you CANT go on rampages and run from the cops. Tony does not shoot innocent bystanders (he's an honorable man haha) and if you
    don't lose the cops within a couple minutes you're automatically ****ed. Kinda lame for those of us who loved ****in around in GTA, but I can manage without
    - while the driving can be fun there's not a lot of wicked jumps and no stunts to do
    - TONY CAN'T JUMP! wtf! Either we get a guy who can jump, but can't swim or we get a guy who can swim but can't jump (Tony)

    That's all I can think of right now and so far I'm very much enjoying the game. I definitely wouldn't have regreted buying it.
    I'm really glad to see a sandbox game come to Wii because the control setup really suits the type of game. It's too bad the
    Wii is too underpowered to have GTAIV though....oh well. Good thing my buddies have 360s.

    All in all I really recommend it. I think in it's own right it's more fun than Godfather, especially the driving.
    I guess you can't expect great cars and handling in that era anyway. The melee combat may not be as deep, but even
    my buddy who has Godfather said Scarface looked more fun, and he was just watching me take down a gang.

    I agree with ign's score of 8.5. The game is A LOT better on Wii with the motion controls. :thumbsup:

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