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Error 2005 0003

Discussion in 'Nintendo Switch Chat' started by Cyprogoe, Dec 24, 2020.

  1. Cyprogoe

    Cyprogoe WiiChat Member

    Nov 11, 2020
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    San Jose
    Hello good night,
    I will try to be brief. I bought a 128 GB micro SD card to install the games on the Switch (so it does not serve that purpose).
    Problem is, I got myself downloading Star link (no problem) and wanted to download War frame myself and it didn't want to work. After a few hours of spending on downloading an error 2005-0003 appears on my Switch (saying that the download is canceled.
    So what I did is Format my micro SD card to re-download War frame. It has worked successfully but another problem arises. I can no longer download Star link. (still with this message 2005-0003.
    Here is https://appuals.com/nintendo-switch-error-code-2005-0003/. I hope you have understood what is happening with my Switch and I hope you will find some solutions. If you have any questions regarding this problem do not hesitate.
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  2. scanswild

    scanswild WiiChat Member

    Nov 28, 2017
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    That is a really weird problem. Maybe It is not compatible?

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