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Fragile Dreams Coming to the Wii in March 2010

Discussion in 'Nintendo News & Rumors' started by Wii News, Oct 31, 2009.

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    Oct 10, 2009
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    Fragile Dreams Coming to the Wii in March 2010-1.052009-10-31 19:39:24WiiRising Star Games has today announced that it will be releasing the much anticipated Japanese RPG Fragile Dreams (known in Japan as Fragile: Farewell Ruins of the Moon) on March 2010 in Europe (the game will be released by Xseed Games on February 16th in North America). This is an announcement that RPG-loving Wii owners have been eagerly anticipating for many months, and which some thought would never come. So why all the excitement? Well, for starters, the Japanese version of the game sold 26,055 copies in its first week of release, earning it the accolade of the second-biggest selling game of the week. It was also given very high marks (31 out of 40) by Japanese games magazine, Famitsu, who are notoriously hard to please.[​IMG]

    The game was originally developed by Namco in Japan, and producer Kentarou Kawashima actually came up with the concept long before the Wii was released. Then once the Wii came out, he thought that it would be the perfect platform for his game, as the Wii Remote could act as the torch that plays an integral part in the gameplay. The central figure in the storyline is a lonely young boy called Seto, who is one of very few survivors left roaming his home planet after most of the people living there mysteriously vanished and the light was blocked out by a thick fog covering the sky.[​IMG]

    The action revolves around Seto’s search for fellow survivors and for answers about why everyone has disappeared. Much of the gameplay involves Seth examining objects that he finds in order to learn about the object’s previous owner. Seto uses his torch to help him examine items and solve puzzles, as well as to light his way through the gloom. The haunting music and use of sound as an integral part of the gameplay is another reason why the game is so popular. It’s thought that the majority of these elements will be preserved from the original game for the Western release, with only the dialogue being significantly changed. Roll on 2010 say fans of Japanese RPGs!


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