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Hi! I am writing about Wii Sport :) can you help?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by daniela, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. daniela

    daniela WiiChat Member

    Jan 30, 2008
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    Hi Everyone,
    I am Daniela and I am currently playing and writing an essay on the Wii sport as part of my MA in Media,Culture and Communication.

    I was wondering if anyone is up for note down some of their experiences of playing with Wii Sport (or actually with any games). In particular I am looking at the interactions between player-player, player-controller, and mostly, at the interactions between players and controller in space (basically the room).
    Here some question ...
    Did you have change the layout of your room before playing? Have you broken something while playing, did you hurt yourself? the player playing with you? Are you aware of the movements you need to make in order to play? or you are just randomly moving the controller? (as I sometime do)?
    What do you think about Nintendo wii? what does it make it revolutionary ? (if you think so) : is it the quality of games(narrative,graphics..)or is it the 'kind of new way of play (interaction between player-player, player-controller (movement) or spacial interaction?)
    Thank you and hope to begin some interesting chats about this!!
    Please feel free to suggest other issues that you find interesting about the wii :)

    Have a great Sunday !!! I am going to be writing and playing all day :)


  2. anthonybest1

    anthonybest1 WiiChat Member

    Apr 28, 2007
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    Wii Friend Code: 3428-8826-2456-3690
    first welcome to wiichat and i'll answer the questions for you
    1-no, i never changed my layout but playing 2 player can be a little hard
    2-no, lucky i've necer broken anything (yet) but i have hit the wii-mote once but nintendo sent me that wii-mote skin and i feel its a little safer.
    4-yes, playing tennis i hit my little brother on the head ;)
    5-yes, but with some games the movements are done badly and it makes it hard to play
    6- no , i play like my life is on the line (nah)
    7- i think it is because it puts you in the game and not sitting down with a pad in your hands but i think its going to be hard for nintendo or anyone else to top the wii
    8-yes (the reasons in 7)
    9- if you look at the first games to come out on the playstation they dont look good but years down the line the graphics and gameplay got better and better so i think the graphics will get better for the wii too but people like the wii for the the gameplay not for the HD graphics the 360 and ps3 pump out...

    anyway i hope that helped if you have ypur wii online pm me and i'll add you
  3. apehangmom

    apehangmom WiiChat Member

    Feb 4, 2008
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    as an older player of the Wii.... I scoffed at all the jokes of people calling in sick to work... due to drunken injuries that occured whilst playing the wii. I myself have hurt my shoulders , elbows and arm muscles... trying to shoot carrot juice into a rabbits mask. yes ... I have felt like throwing the nunchuck at my children for beating me on the games... But no I have not let it fall off my wrist while bowling. Getting online was tough you have to change your modem settings to like channel 1... that was 4 hours. But I waited for 4 hours in front of circuit city and got ours 2 weeks ago ... But I like it.. the charge for the wii points bugs me.. but I like the system and the miis are neat.

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