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Hotel Dusk: Help me!

Discussion in 'Nintendo DS' started by Deathmetalmaster, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. Deathmetalmaster

    Deathmetalmaster WiiChat Member

    Nov 26, 2006
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    Lorton, Virginia
    Alright dudes, I was just wondering if someone could find a walkthrough or somehting for this game and send it to me by email or somethin. My internet security at work is lame and it wont let me go to game site.........(besides this one)

    if anyone is willing to help out, please PM me. thanks dudes.
  2. Tacos

    Tacos Banned

    Nov 15, 2006
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    Here you go

    Walkthrough by Zachary Midgett

    This document is copyrighted by Zachary Midgett
    The following websites have permission to host
    this unaltered guide.

    Copyright 2007 Zachary Midgett
    Date Submitted: 1/27/07

    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances
    except for personal, private use. It may not be placed
    on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without
    advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly
    prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

    To obtain permission for posting or using this FAQ
    please e-mail me for permission. I will more than
    likely give you permission if you ask for it.


    If this document is found anywhere other than
    the sites listed please notify me.

    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this
    document are owned by their respective trademark
    and copyright holders.

    Theft of this guide may result in legal action.
    Version History
    Version 0.20
    I've created the Introduction, Character descriptions, and Play design.
    I also have the first chapter of the walkthrough up.

    Version 0.45
    Renamed the first version 0.20.
    Added some detail to to the section Entering Room 215 in Chapter 1.
    Added Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 walkthrough.
    Added more Characters to the list.
    Corrected a few grammatical errors.

    Version 1.0
    Changed information in the section Office Hours in Chapter 2.
    Completed the Walkthrough.
    Modified some Character descriptions.


    How to search this guide: If you want to go to a specific section of this
    guide just press CTRL + F on your keyboard and type in the the letters
    and numbers of the section you are looking for located in the table of

    | Table of Contents |

    | |
    | Before You Get Going... |
    | |
    | Introduction.................................[Intr011] |
    | The Characters...............................[Char011] |
    | Playing the game.............................[Play011] |
    | |
    | |
    | Walkthrough... |
    | |
    | Chapter 1....................................[Chap011] |
    | Chapter 2....................................[Chap012] |
    | Chapter 3....................................[Chap013] |
    | Chapter 4....................................[Chap014] |
    | Chapter 5....................................[Chap015] |
    | Chapter 6....................................[Chap016] |
    | Chapter 7....................................[Chap017] |
    | Chapter 8....................................[Chap018] |
    | Chapter 9....................................[Chap019] |
    | Chapter 10...................................[Chap010] |
    | |
    | |
    | The Extra Stuff |
    | |
    | coming soon.................................. |
    | |
    | |
    | |

    Introduction [Intr011]

    About me
    Greetings fellow gamers. My name is Zac, but I usually go by the
    message board name of psylentnight. I love video games. I've
    been playing them ever since I can remember. This is the first
    FAQ I have ever written for a game. I have written a few reviews for
    gamefaqs.com, but I'm trying to branch out I try to target games that
    don't really have reviews and now I will try to target games that are
    available to me and don't have FAQs. If you find any inconsistancies
    in my guide I welcome you to e-mail me with corrections or to notify
    me with errors at psylentnight@hotmail.com . I also welcome CONSTRUCTIVE
    criticism as this is my first guide and will most likely make errors.
    If you try to e-mail me to tell me how bad I am at writing or how crappy
    this guide is I'll probably just stop reading and delete the e-mail.
    If you provide me with corrections or additions to the guide then
    I'll be happy to give you credit in the guide if you would like me to
    do so. Thankyou and I hope this guide provides usefull to all who read it.

    About the game
    Hotel Dusk: Room 215 plays out as a point and click
    exploration/adventure game in the style of a film noir. There is a
    lot of dialogue in the game and it is certainly not for everyone.
    Fans of other games such as Trace Memory and Pheonix Wright will
    probably enjoy this game.It is quite lengthly and can take some
    time to beat.

    About this guide
    When you are having conversations with the other characters in the
    game you'll be able to branch off the conversation which can sometimes
    result in a game over if the wrong choice is picked. I will be showing
    readers the path I took to complete the game. If readers feel that I
    left certain things out that need to be in this guide I once
    again welcome all to e-mail me and I will update the guide accordingly.

    The Characters [Char011]

    Kyle Hyde
    The main character of the game. He quit the police force a few years
    ago and now works as a salesman for a company known as Red Crown.

    Ed Vincent
    The head of Red Crown and your boss. He's also a friend of your dad.
    Involved in some shady dealings that Hyde helps with sometimes.

    A Red Crown employee and Ed's secretary. Hyde thinks she's a looker
    and she feels the same about him. Tends to worry about Hyde.

    Brian Bradley
    The man Hyde is looking for while working for Red Crown. He was
    Hyde's ex-partner. A mystery surrounds him.

    Dunning Smith
    The owner of Hotel Dusk. A little grumpy at times
    and likes to tell fairy tales about the rooms.

    Jeff Angel
    A guest at Hotel Dusk who stays in Room 213. He is the guest
    who brings Mila to the hotel. Maybe more to him than meets
    the eye?

    Melissa Woodward
    A very young girl staying in Room 219 with her father. She's
    looking for her mother.

    Kevin Woodward
    Melissa's father and a surgeon. He tends to yell at Melissa
    quite alot.

    Louis DeNonno
    A bellhop at Hotel Dusk. Used to be a pickpocket in New York
    where Hyde busted him. He'll quickly become your best friend
    in the game.

    Rosa Fox
    The hotel maid. She lets Mila stay in her room. Tends to
    always be angry with Louie. You can trust her judgment

    Not too much is known about her. She's a mute and wearing
    a braclet that is familiar to Hyde.

    Helen Parker
    An elderly woman with an eye patch. She's came to Hotel
    Dusk wanting the room Hyde is staying in.

    Playing the game [Play011]

    Hotel Dusk: Room 215 can be played entirely with a stylus. Once you
    choose the left or right-handed style, you'll hold the DS sideways
    accordingly. When walking around freely your character will show up
    as a red circle with an arrow pointing in the direction you are looking.
    Press the stylus in the direction you want to look or move on the touch
    screen. The other screen will display what you are looking at in a
    first person perspective as you walk around. When you are in front of
    something you can examine, your magnifying glass will light up to show
    you can examine the area. When examining an area, you can usually
    examine multiple objects in that area. Click on an object while in
    examination mode to see if you can examine it further. If it lights
    up, it means you can click itagain to find out more about the object,
    if not, then you can not find out anything further. Sometimes you are
    required to move an object or take it. The game will usually give
    hints with what you are supposed to do with an item if you need it.

    The other big part of the game is interrogation. You'll need to
    speak to a lot of people in the game. As the conversation progresses,
    the person you talk to will say something you'll want to know more
    about immediately. This can be easily identified by words with
    red coloring in their statements. A yellow triangle may appear
    on the touch screen for you to touch and make a choice between two
    questions. This isn't always necessary and can just change the
    dialogue a little. The other type of questioning is what is known
    as pressing. The person you are talking to may say something you
    want to know more about, but Hyde will just make a mental note
    about it and a question mark will appear in the top left corner of
    the screen. When the person you are talking to is done speaking you
    can choose to press them on the question or leave them alone.

    You also carry a bag with you at all times. When walking about you
    can open it up to do various things including: Save or load, see
    information about characters you've met, See the items you've obtained,
    write a memo with your stylus, or check the map.

    This game is quite a doozy so if you're ready
    its time to play Hotel Dusk: Room 215!

    Chapter 1 December 28th, 1979 5:00-5:30 P.M. [Chap011]

    Entering The Hotel
    After watching the opening sequence you'll learn a little about the
    main character of the game, Kyle Hyde. He's gone to Hotel Dusk to
    pick up a package for his boss, Ed. Open the door to the hotel by
    hitting the handle. Kyle will comment on the condition of the lobby
    and wonder if Ed's package has arrived. Make your way over to the
    front desk and examine it. You'll notice a few items scattered about
    the desk. If you examine the tv and look at the note on the side
    you'll see that the TV operation hours are from 7:00 to 9:00 PM.
    Go ahead and examine the bell and ring it a few times to get the
    attention of the hotel owner.

    Speaking To Dunning
    He'll yell at you from the back room thinking you were Rosa, the
    maid. Here you can question him or just let the conversation continue.
    Questioning him will give you the option to say "What a charming voice."
    or "Did you call me Rosa?" Choose the 2nd option and the owner explains
    that Rosa is the maid. The owner will introduce himself as Dunning Smith
    and Hyde will comment that Dunning seems grumpy. Hyde will request a
    room and Smith will try to offer him a suite. Regardless of what you
    choose you'll end up getting one of the cheap rooms. Dunning will
    hold out a pen that you need to click on and then a card will appear
    for you to fill out. Just touch each section of the card to complete
    the task. After filling it out, Dunning will react a little surprised
    when seeing your name on the card......Has he seen your name somewhere
    before? You'll get to question Dunning again. This time you can say
    "You like my name?" or "What's your problem?" Choose the 1st one and
    Dunning comments on how he's seen plenty of it in the phone book.....
    Sarcastic bastard. He'll hold out your room key 215. (now where have
    I heard that number before....doh) Hyde will notice the word "wish" on
    the key. Dunning explains that every room in the hotel has a name and
    Hyde comments on how he thinks its stupid. When Smithtells Hyde he isn't
    surprised a man like Hyde wouldn't like his story you can question him
    yet again. Choices are "What story?" and "You think you know me?"
    Stick with the 1st option. Dunning says that room 215 is the place
    "where wishes are granted." Dunning then hands you a hotel brochure
    with a map. How nice of him. I Didn't know it was so hard to get
    lost in a hotel hehe. Dunning will tell you how to get to the room
    and when the bar and restaurant open and close. He also tells you the
    checkout time. You can write these down in your memo if you don't want
    to forget. He'll ask if you need anything else and you can askabout the
    package you are supposed to pick up and about history behind your room.
    Go ahead and ask about the package to which Smith will reply that he
    doesn't have it. He'll comment on how he doesn't want anything in his
    hotel that will cause problems and you can question on that statement
    with "What Problems?" or "Mind your business, pops." Go with the
    first option and Dunning will talk about how another man got a package
    and will say nothing more. Next ask Dunning about the story behind the
    wish granting room. Smith will tell another story and Hyde will call it
    nothing more than a fairy tale. Finally ask about the trouble with the
    package. After the story Dunning will let you go.

    Heading For The Stairs
    You can explore the front area a bit if you want. If you look left
    of the dart board you'll find a sticker with a number written down on
    it. As you exit the front you'll hear the front door open and an
    elderly lady with an eye patch will walk in. She'll ask Smith for the
    wish room, the same room you're in. She'll be dissapointed to learn
    someone else, namely you, are staying in it and accept another room.
    If you try to talk to her she'll tell you that she's trying to fill
    out paper work and to properly introduce yourself later. In the
    lobby there is a candy machine on the right side of the room.
    If you examine it and rotate to the far right you'll find something
    posted on the side. Reading it will tell you about seven lucky numbers
    hidden in the hotel and if you calculate the sum and input the answer
    into the machine you'll get a prize! ooooooo prize gimmie gimmie.
    Looking to the far left of the machine will reveal a sticker. As
    you walk towards the central hallway on the right side of the room Hyde
    will have a flashback of your conversation with Dunning and wonder why
    Dunning reacted to your name. Exit to the central hallway on the right.
    You can either go left or right here. If you go left uou'll get to a
    dead end, but can find another number on the wall to the right of the
    painting. The restaurant is closed at this time so you can't enter
    there for now.

    A Troubled Young Girl
    Go up the 2nd floor stairs and you'll find a girl sitting on the
    stairs blocking your path. She won't budge when you tellher to
    move so you can question and your choices will be "Is something
    wrong?" or "Move you brat!" Go with the 1st answer and she'll
    continue to give you trouble and call you mister. Your next
    options are "why won't you tell me?" and "Mister? Seriously?"
    Choose the 1st again and Hyde will scare the girl by saying he'll
    tell her mother. She'll become afraid and your new choices are
    "Ha! She's agraid of Mom!" and "Oh, give her a break." This time go
    with the 2nd. The girl will finally tell you that she can't finish
    her puzzle. Press her about the puzzle and she'll get upset. When
    the new choices come up offer to help her. You'll have to place
    five pieces to finish the puzzle. You can rotate them left or
    right so they fit. Its pretty simple to figure out. You should
    have no problem with it. She'll be upset that she couldn't do it
    herself and wreck the puzzle. When she runs off she'll leave a
    puzzle piece behind so go ahead and pick it up. Note how there is
    something written on the back of the piece. Now would be a good
    time to save if you haven't yet. Its never good to get through
    part of the game just to start over again right?

    Meeting Jeff Angel
    Once you're up the stairs move left towards your room. You'll stop
    when you notice someone coming out of room 213. Question him
    immediately to say hello to the troubled looking young man. You'll
    introduce yourself and the man will say his name is Jeff Angel.
    Hyde will ask about how often Jeff stays at the hotel and he'll say
    never and that he had no choice. Press him on that statement by
    choosing the 1st statement "No choice, huh?" Jeff will become
    somewhat defensive and when you say you're not a cop he'll say that's
    too bad. Ask him about the kid on the stairs first. He'll tell you
    her name is Melissa and she is in room 219 with her father. Ask him
    about cop question next. You'll almost immediately get another
    question. Ask why it would be cool to have a cop and Jeff will
    explain that the hotel is set up like a "cheap TV crime drama."
    After a little more talking Jeff will step back into his room.
    Continue walking left until you get to room 215 (your room) and hit
    the door symbol on the bottom of the screen. Check your bag for the
    key click on the doorknob to open the door.

    Entering Room 215
    Once in the room, Hyde will think about the fairy tale again and
    remark that he still thinks its a load of bull. After you put
    your suitcase on the table the phone will ring. Walk inbetween
    your bed and the bathroom to reach the phone. Examine and pick
    it up. Rachel will be on the other end. Some banter will go
    on back and forthand she'll try to dig up your past. You'll
    learn about some new products in the package you're supposed
    to get and Ed's orders are to try to sell them. She'll also
    mention a client list included in the package. You'll end the
    call and Hyde will comment about Rachel. Next, examine your
    suitcase and use the suitcase key in your bag. It will break
    and Hyde will suggest using wire. Since the hanger won't budge
    you'll have to find something else. If you check the brochure
    by the phone you'll find a paperclip on it. Hmmmm...maybe you
    could use this? Go back to the suitcase and use it. You'll
    have to straighten it out first, but its easy enough to do.
    When you select the paperclip it will highlight the area where
    you need to straighten it. Click and hold the wire, then bend
    it slowly till it straightens. Examine the suitcase and select
    the wire from your bag to use it. Move the wire towards the
    lock and try to press it against the three lock pieces.
    Once you try it on the suitcase you'll realize that it isn't
    thick enough to jimmy the lock. Guess we'll have to find
    something else now. Try to exit the room and there will be a
    knock at the door. The package finally arrives and the time
    changes to 5:10. When you open the door the bellhop has a
    couple boxes in his hands. Help him out by taking the top box
    off his hands. When he tries to leave stop him and question
    him saying "You sound familiar!" He'll still try to leave so
    yank his chin up to discover its Louis DeNonno or Louie for
    short. Turns out Louie used to be a pickpocket back in New
    York and Hyde busted him. He says that he's got his act
    together and you'll be able to press him on that in a moment,
    but first you need to question him about wanting to forget you.
    Ask about the bad memories and you'll have another question to
    press him on shortly. Wow lots of questions for this guy huh?
    When he asks what you're doing so far from New York reply to him
    by saying its just work. He'll add one more question to press
    you on and then stop. Ask him about getting his act together
    first. Louie will say he wanted to clean up, but stop him and
    ask what happened. This will result in yet another question for
    you....ugg. Ask him about your different vibe next. He
    basically tells you that you look like crap. Ask him about any
    prior guests with your name next. He'll tell you he doesn't
    remember anyone else with your name and that he think he would
    have if he saw it. Finally ask him why he doesn't want to talk
    to a cop about his past. He'll ask you about why you changed
    jobs. Tell him you transferred for now and he'll split. When
    you examine the package you'll find out that Louie gave you
    the wrong one! Better tell the front desk. You'll recieve the
    old notebook in your inventory.

    Down The Hall
    Leave the room and walk down the hall and you'll see Melissa leave
    room 219. Go ahead and speak to her. She'll say she lost something
    and now she can't see her mom. Ask her about it by choosing the
    1st option. She'll explain that if she acts poorly around her father
    then they won't see her mother. Press her further on the question and
    ask where her mother went. She'll say she doesn't know, she just goes
    with her dad where his business. Press her about her father. You'll
    find out he's a surgeon and she'll talk a little about her mother and
    draw a picture for you in her notebook. Hyde will suggest you give
    her back the puzzle piece so you might as well. Right after you do
    her father will come out and yell at her to get back in the room.
    They'll both leave you in the hall.

    A Girl In White
    Head for the front desk and you'll discover a woman staring out the
    window. Approach her and talk to her. She won't say anything or even
    look at you until you touch her. You'll notice that she is the girl
    on the side of the road from the opening scene of the game. You try
    to talk to her again, but get nothing. Hyde assumes she's deaf, but
    you get interrupted by a rather large woman. Turns out that it's
    Rosa. How Smith confused the two of you is beyond me. I guess he
    wasn't looking at you at all. Anyways, you'll have a little back
    and forth until you ask her about the girl. Rosa tells you that her
    name is Mila. You can try talking to Mila again, but it won't do any
    good. Talk to Rosa some more. She'll think you are a salesman and
    you can question her on it. Pick "Salesman, huh?" She identify you
    as an employee of Red Crown and that she has done business with the
    company. When's she done talking ask her about Mila. You'll have a
    flashback about the braclet on Mila's wrist and Hyde will freak a
    little. When Rosa says she's going to drop Mila in her room ask her
    what it means. So Mila is going to stay the night with Rosa....ok
    then. Rosa says a young man gave her a ride, ask her about that.
    Turns out Jeff brought her. Tell Rosa you met Jeff. You learn how
    Jeff picked her up, but left her when he found out that she couldn't
    talk. Guess he's not such a nice guy. Now ask Rosa about the
    package mixup. After you ask the front desk phone will ring. Another
    guest got your package and offered to bring it to your room. Rosa and
    Mila take off after that. Hyde states that Mila was the name of
    Bradley's kid sister and the time changes to 5:20.

    The Iris Of My Eye
    Go upstairs and Hyde will think that he should have a chat with Jeff.
    Continue walking to your room and the door to the room across the hall,
    room 216, will open and a woman will step out. She introduces herself
    as Iris. After she finds out who you are she'll say she's confirming
    a hunch. Press her on that statement. She'll say she had requested
    that no one be in the room next to her or across from her. She also
    feels relieved to find out you are a salesman and won't want to take
    her picture. Hyde asks about this automatically and she seems insulted.
    She'll get pissed and say good day. Maybe she's some sort of celebrity?
    Louie walks up immediately and compliments you on your smoothness with
    the ladies....yeah..right.....Iris will roll her eyes at his statement.
    When he says you're an officer Iris will get nervous and go to her room.
    Hyde gets pissed at Louie and he takes off. If you go back to Jeff's
    room (213) he'll ask you what you want. You'll start having a
    discussion about Mila and you'll need to press him on not knowing her
    name. When he says she asked him to bring her, stop him and say
    "She ASKED?" He'll tell you she had a brochure so press him on that
    next. After you're finished Jeff will go back in his room.

    Back To 215
    Head back to your room and once inside there will be a single knock.
    Open the door to find Dunning and he needs to talk with you. Iris
    complained about you and you call her clueless. Unfortunately she's
    there too and you need to stop her and tell her to calm down. Hyde
    will put the moves on her and make everything better. As they leave
    another man walks up to you. His name is Martin Summer in room 211.
    He is the one who got your package. Hyde thinks he's heard his name
    before somewhere. Hyde seems to remember a lot of people in this
    hotel. He says he opened it before he realized it wasn't his. You
    can question him and asked if he likes your name hehe. You can
    then press him more on who he is. Looks like Mr. Summer is a writer.
    Well isn't that just fancy shmancy. He is extremely annoying, too.
    He'll ask if you read a book of his. Say you have and that it was
    called The Angel Whispers. He'll be excited and you'll give him
    his notebook. He becomes enthralled with the notebook and you'll
    take your package. When he leaves you'll be back in your room.
    Open the package which is now on the bed on the left side. Take
    the client list and the order sheet and call Rachel. You'll
    chit-chat and suggest to check the Lost and Found and then canvas
    the whole hotel. I wonder what Hyde is looking for?

    End Of Chapter 1 Sequence
    Hyde will think about everything that has happened up until this point
    and all you need to do is just follow along. He'll ask himself what
    he's here for. Answer "To find some items." The next question
    asked is what Dunning said about room 215. Answer with "It grants
    wishes." Next will be a question asking who Hyde's partner is.
    The answer for this is "Bradley." Hyde then ponders Mila. The
    answer to her question is "She wore a braclet." The final question
    will be regarding the things that Hyde needs to find. One is a
    magazine and the other is the answer: "A red box." After you
    answer the final question Hyde will comment that he feels this
    job is different from the others and that he'll find something
    big here. The game will ask if you want to save here.

    End Chapter 1~~~~

    Chapter 2 December 28th, 1979 5:30-6:00 P.M. [Chap012]

    The Search Is On
    Hyde decides its time to start the search for the items he needs. You'll
    start in your room, but there's nothing you can do there for now. Step
    into the hallway and look right to see Rosa. Approach her and speak to
    her. She complains about a messy guest and how Louie isn't much help.
    Press her about Louie when you get the chance. She'll tell you he's a
    smooth talker, but no where to be found when needed. She even tells you
    that she talked to Dunning about a replacement, but when she mentions
    the stories of the hotel stop her and question her specifically about
    them. She'll try to avoid the subject, but don't let up and ask about
    why she can't talk. She'll get a little angry and continue to avoid the
    subject. Ease up on her for now by telling her you get it. Go ahead
    and ask about Mila next. Rosa starts to think that she's a mute and
    isn't sure about what to do with her. When you tell Rosa you need to
    speak to Mila she'll ask why. Tell her its about a bracelet. Rosa
    tells you that you can see Mila after 8:00 P.M. and you can get to
    her room from the lobby. Hyde suggests writing a note about it so
    you won't forget. After that Rosa remembers that she needs to get the
    restaurant ready. Not only does she clean, but she cooks all of the
    food too! She asks you to tell Louie to see her and then runs off.

    Walk a little further down the hall you'll break to a cutscene to hear
    someone whistling. Walk all the way to the end of the hall and examine
    the door marked linens on your map. Open the door to find Louie looking
    at a magazine. You'll surprise him and then be able to move again.
    Speak to him and Hyde will ask about the magazine. Louie says a guest
    left it. Louie will ask what you want. Ask if this is his hiding spot.
    Hyde will tell Louie that Rosa is looking for him to do some cleaning.
    Louie replies that its done and you'll need to ask him what he cleaned.
    He'll go off on this rant on how he isn't a criminal anymore and wants
    you to lay off. Hyde will tell him the truth about being fired from
    the force and a flashback will occur. Louie decides he doesn't really
    want to know what happened. Louie will eventually mention the "stories"
    Rosa was talking about earlier. It's time to finally find out what
    those stories are, but first you should ask about the magazine being
    left behind. Louie mentions that Dunning keeps all the lost and found
    items in the office. Now go ahead and ask about the stories. Louie
    says it has to do with ghosts and an incident that occured some time
    back. He then goes off on how he's fallen for Mila. Ask him more
    about the incident. He'll tell you it was 10 years ago. Now ask him
    what Mila is like. Louie blushes and then tells Hyde that he never
    had much of an eye for the ladies. Ask what he means by having no
    eye for the ladies. Now ask Louie about the incident one more time.
    He'll tell you that a girl dissapeared and you'll need to ask about
    that next. The 10 year old girl went missing overnight and a letter
    appeared telling them where to find the body. Ask if they found it.
    He says they never did and that's when business went downhill. Ask him
    more about when it happened. You'll learn about Dunning buying the
    hotel and some more banter will take place between the two. Hyde will
    eventually spill the beans on Bradley and how he's looking for him.
    Louie will say that you and him are the same and you can question that
    statement by saying "We're the same?" Louie will run off out the door.
    Check the locker that will be unlocked to find a red toolbox. You'll
    find a few tools inside that you should take. Examine the cabinet
    against the wall that Louie placed the magazine and take it. Well it
    looks like its the magazine Ed wanted you to find. There's nothing
    else of interest so go ahead and walk out of the room.

    Meeting Helen Parker
    Hyde suggests moving to the office next and the time will change to
    5:40. Time move there. As you walk towards the stairs a guest will
    open their door. It's the elderly woman with the eye patch who wanted
    your room earlier. She asks you what time the restaurant opens to which
    Hyde automatically responds with 6:00 PM. The old bag says her name is
    Helen Parker. You introduce yourself and she tells you how she wanted
    the room your in. As she leaves Hyde will wonder why she's staying at
    the hotel. Head down the stairs and into the lobby.

    Lockpicking Made Simple
    Look for the door marked Main Office on the right side of the lobby.
    Go ahead and knock on the door to find Dunning behind it. Dunning
    will ask if you came to pay your bill and Hyde will remind you
    that it's still locked in your suitcase. Dunning will go ahead
    and close the door. Now how should we get into that suitcase?
    Head back to your room for now. Remember the wire hanger by the
    door that was attached to the wall? Now you have some pliers to
    snap it off with. You'll to cut it the proper way if you want to
    get it off though. Examine it and select the pliers from your
    bag to go into a mini game. Touch the wire hanger near the bottom
    right corner and you'll see the pliers on it ready to cut. Touch
    again to snap it. Now you'll zoom out again and you need to
    touch the hanger near the bottom left corner this time. Snap
    that end and you should complete the task. Hyde will either
    confirm if you've done this right or wrong by his remark.
    If he says "no that's not how I need to cut it" then you'll have
    to try again. If he says it's nice and straight then that means
    you did it right. If you're having trouble (which you shouldn't)
    make sure that you're touching the bottom parts of the hanger
    near the right and left corners. You'll obtain the thick piece
    of wire. Examine the suitcase and use the thick piece of wire
    (NOT the thin piece). Move it towards the lock and press it
    against the 3 lock pieces to unlock the suitcase. It'll open
    up and you can look inside now. The only thing you can take
    out is your money. If you don't see it or can't grab it,
    move some of the items around by dragging them. Once you have
    your money. Hit the arrow at the bottom of the screen to move
    back out till the suitcase closes. Don't zoom all the way
    out to the map screen yet though. While you're still examining
    the area of your room with the suitcase, open your bag and
    select your client list. Once you have it in your hand, touch
    the suitcase to place it inside.

    Office Hours
    Leave your room, head downstairs to the lobby and knock on the
    main office door again. You'll pay the rent and Dunning will
    say he heard about your hassle. Ask him about it by saying
    "I don't follow." He mentions your trouble with the package
    mixup. Dunning will say if Louie screws up again he'll fire
    him, but he doesn't want to be short-handed. You'll learn
    what's on the menu at the restaurant...mmmmmm....and Dunning
    will say he's going back to his room for a while. He'll leave
    you if front of the office door. Instead of knocking on the
    door, just click on the handle and walk on in. Walk over to
    his desk on the bottom right corner and examine it. If you
    move the slider all the way to right you can see the key rack.
    Examine it further to see that the key for Room 215 is
    missing. Next, examine the big blue book on the desk. Look
    at the birthday card. It's for someone named Jenny. Hyde
    makes a mental note of it. If you read the blue notebook,
    you'll find out that the lost and found is in drawer 3
    and the guest registration cards are in drawer "A". Examine
    the calendar on the left side of the desk until Hyde makes
    a mental note about how December 5th is circled. Walk to
    the left side of the room to the left of where you walked
    in and examine the drawers with tv on the top. Look at
    drawer "A" which will be unlocked. Check the files to find
    the registry of your name from 6 months ago. It says the
    guest stayed in room 217 on June 30th. Walk over to the
    cabinets next to the desk and look at the floor under
    the bottom right corner of the cabinets. You'll see a piece
    of paper stuck under the cabinet. Try to grab it and it
    will rip in half, Hyde will wonder what it is and you'll
    get a chance to draw on it. It won't solve anything so
    just hit the arrow and zoom back out. Examine the other
    half that's still stuck under the cabinet. Take the crowbar
    out of your bag and pivot the end of it under the cabinet.
    Push down on the other end slowly and the cabinet will lift up
    and you'll get the note. Don't worry, the game will guide
    on where to touch the crowbar. Now that you have both
    pieces of the memo you'll need to figure out what it means.
    All you need to do is play connect the dots. You'll notice
    that there are 3 sets of symbols: dots, triangles, and stars.
    Each set produces a different number. Don't connect numbers
    from different symbols and you should be fine. The key
    to reading the numbers is by changing the position of the DS.
    If you turn the DS right side up, then you should be able to
    read it. The number on the paper changes each game, so
    unfortunately I can't give a number that works every time.
    Examine the top right corner of the
    cabinets to find a combination lock. Enter the number you
    just came up with. Cabinet 3 will open up. You'll find a
    red box inside. It looks like the box that Ed wanted.
    There's nothing left for you to look at in the office so
    walk out and you'll see a familiar face.

    Louie And Rosa
    Louie will surprise you. Speak to him and he'll ask if you if you
    just came out of the office. Say it was just work y'know. He'll
    ask if you and Dunning were talking about him. Reassure him that
    you weren't. Louie will want to know if you were serious about
    quitting the force. At this point you should be able to trust
    Louie so go ahead and tell him the truth. Time for a flashback.
    It turns out to be the same flashback as last time, but Hyde will
    say more about it this time. Hyde will mention the name Nile and
    Louie will have a major freak out. It seems that Louie knows more
    than he's letting on. Ask him what makes sense now and the both of
    you will be interrupted by Rosa. Rosa fusses at him and he takes
    off. Rosa will still be there so talk to her. She'll look like
    something is a miss so ask her what's wrong. Rosa is curious to
    know if you know Louie from somewhere else. Be straight with her
    and tell her you know him. She'll ask a question about his past,
    but DON'T rat Louie out. Rosa will bad mouth Louie and call him
    shifty. Ask what she means by shifty. Hyde will go off and her
    and defend Louie. Rosa apologizes and you can ask her about the
    things you found in the office. Ask her about Jenny first. She
    won't know anything so go with the next question. She'll tell
    you her birthday is June 30th...isn't that the date someone with
    your name stayed in the hotel? And she'll say Dunning's is
    October 8th, so the December 5th date will remain a mystery for

    How Deep Is The Rabbit Hole?
    Rosa takes off and your pager rings. You need to call
    Rachel so head back upstairs. Call her from the phone in your
    room. She says that Ed needs to speak to you. He'll ask you
    about Louie and your relationship with him. You'll finally
    learn what brought Louie to Hotel Dusk and the big secret he's
    been hiding. Hyde decides he needs to find Louie.

    Walk downstairs to find Dunning. You must NOT ask him about
    Jenny or December 5th or he'll figure out you were in his office
    and he'll throw you out. Only ask him where Louie is. He's
    either in the kitchen or his room which are both through the
    door behind Dunning. He'll move out of the way for you. Go ahead
    and go through the left hallway door.

    The Kitchen
    To get to the kitchen you'll need to go through the pantry. Walk
    down the hall and enter the first door on the left. Move to the
    back bottom corner of the room and walk through the double doors
    to reach the kitchen. Rosa will be inside so go speak to her.
    She'll tell you you're not supposed to be there. Ask her where
    Louie is. She'll tell you he's probably in his room slacking
    off. Leave the way you came to get back to the hallway.

    Louie's Room
    Continue down the hallway to the next door on your left which
    is Louie's room. Knock on the door and Louie will open it.
    He'll invite you in so you can talk without any eavesdroppers.
    Walk up to Louie and speak to him. Hyde will ask about Nile,
    but Louie doesn't want to talk. You'll have to make him so
    tell him he'd better talk. Hyde will say he knows about Danny
    and makes a mental note to ask Louie. He'll tell Louie that
    Nile is looking for him and he'll get scared. Tell him its
    what the LAPD said. Then you'll get another mental note for
    why Louie left New York. Hyde mentions the briefcase and you
    need to ask Louie if he took the money. You get a third
    mental note and then you can fire away at the questions.
    Start off with who killed Danny and tell him you don't think
    he did it. Louie says someone named J killed him. Ask about
    who stole the money. Tell him you don't think it was him
    either and he'll say that Danny's killer took it. Ask why he
    left the city and say you think it was because Danny got
    killed. You'll learn that Louie and Danny were partners and
    planned on leaving together and getting new lives with the
    money Danny would earn from one final job. Ask about the job
    now. Now you find out more about why Nile is after Louie.
    Ask about J to learn how he made the big money with Nile.
    This will to you asking why Danny was killed. It appears
    that Danny was going to lift some sort of angel painting from
    Nile, but ended up getting whacked off. Ask about the
    painting and Louie tells you he only knows what Danny told
    him. It apparently is so valuable that they would have been
    set for life. After the long set of questions, Louie will
    say you don't know anything. Hyde asks Louie to enlighten
    him and oh boy does he do it. Louie explains what happened
    at the Nile warehouse and how J turned out to be an
    undercover cop. When Louie shows you a picture of J its
    actually Hyde's partner Bradley! Hyde will reveal that he
    is the one that shot Bradley on the docks and not Nile.
    Hyde took the heat for shooting Bradley and quit the force.
    Louie finally understands why Hyde is a salesman and offers
    to team up with you to bust Bradley. Hyde says he'll
    think it over and leave the room.

    End of Chapter 2 Sequence
    Hyde goes into deep thinking mode again and you'll need to
    answer more questions. Luckily I'm here to guide you through
    it! The answer to whom Louie fell for is "Mila." The ghost
    story got its start "10 years ago." The thing you find in
    the cabinet is "the red box." What you learn from Ed about
    Louie is "Nile is after him." The name of Louie's pal is
    "Danny." If you've been paying attention to the story up
    until now, you shouldn't need my help of the chapter ending
    questions, but it isn't always easy to follow, so that's
    why I'm here. You'll be a step closer to Bradley and Hyde
    will be even more confused over the situation.

    End Chapter 2~~~~~

    Chapter 3 December 28th, 1979 6:00-7:00 PM [Chap013]

    Ring Ring
    You'll start the chapter back in your room. Walk around for a bit
    and the phone will ring. Pick it up to hear Rachel on the other
    end. She'll ask about Bradley (the nosey little woman). Tell her
    to forget it and she'll continue to pester you until you say its
    a long story. Hyde will tell Rachel to page him when Ed gets back
    and that will be the end of that conversation.

    Parental Guidance
    As you attempt to leave the room Hyde will say to himself that
    he's hungry and wants to go to the restaurant. Guess we should
    do what he says. Head down the stairs to find Melissa and her
    father outside of the restaurant. You'll watch a conversation
    between the two that results in Melissa telling her father that
    she hates him. Interrupt at that point and ask if everything is
    ok. She'll run away and you'll turn to her father. He'll
    apologize for you having to watch their argument. Tell him he
    should be sorry and Hyde will dish out the parenting skills.
    You'll finally learn this guy's name, Kevin Woodward. When you
    say you're name he finds it interesting. Ask him what about it
    and he'll tell you he thought he heard it somewhere. When he
    asks what you and Melissa talked about, tell him nothing special.
    Now you can ask him about your name. He thinks a patient of his
    had a similar name. He'll run off.

    Meet Your Host Louie
    Walk towards the restaurant and Hyde will stop to think about
    what Kevin said. Go inside the restaurant and you will see Louie
    on your right. Speak to him. It seems everyone working in the
    hotel has multiple jobs. Hyde will make a mental note of Louie
    working in the bar. The two of you will talk about the food and
    he'll ask if anything is wrong with your room because Dunning
    hasn't let anyone stay on the 2nd foor for 6 months. Stop him
    and say "Six months?" He mentions the problem rooms are 217,
    220, and 218. Hyde makes a mental note of 217 and suggests
    writing them down in his handy dandy notebook. If you write
    it Louie will comment about what you're writing. Ask him about
    the bar. He'll invite you for a drink later. Next, ask what's
    up with room 217. It's been 6 months since anyone was in it and
    it's the room where the man with the same name stayed. Hyde
    thinks its Bradley that stayed there. Hyde asks Louie to get
    him into room 217 so he can look around. Louie agrees and says
    he needs to wait for the right time to get the key. You'll
    finish up and can now head for your table. If you examine the
    podium you can find a sticker on it.

    Hate Is A Powerful Word
    Walk down the hall and take a left. You'll see Iris standing by
    the restaurant doors. Go and say hello. She seems troubled so
    say "What is it?" She says she's depressed so you should stop
    her and say she seems upset. She tells you that someone told
    her that they hated her so go ahead and ask who that is. Iris
    tells you it's that awful child's fault. Now ask about the
    child. She asks if you saw her on the way out. Ask if she
    means Melissa. You learn that Melissa threw her doll at Iris.
    Find out more about the doll. Iris says she's never had a child
    treat her in such a way so suggest to her that she must hate
    kids. Apparently Iris only likes well mannered kids and Melissa
    must have seen through her act to throw her doll. Iris becomes
    angry with you again and storms off. Hyde puts it very
    eloquently by saying now that she's done yapping he can get some

    The Famous Martin Summer
    Walk into the restaurant and examine the first table to your
    right. Move the slider and you will find the rag doll in the
    chair for you to pick up. Move to the center table and you
    will automatically sit down. Rosa brings you your food and
    walks off. Rosa will show up again when you're done eating
    to take your plate. She'll also drop off dessert for you
    from Dunning for the package mixup. When you finish, Summer
    will show up at your table. Hyde jokingly states that he
    bets Summer wanted a bite of his cake. He asks if you may
    have overlooked something small in his package. He states
    that it was supposed to be within the pages of the notebook.
    Ask what you're looking for. He'll say its a bookmark. Ask
    what was in the notebook anyway. Summer gets a little upset
    and asks if you read the notebook. Say you only looked at
    the title. He perks up and says that it is for the best.
    Ask what kind of bookmark he's looking for. He'll tell you
    its small and has a picture of an angel on it. Once
    Summer is gone Rosa will appear. She says that Summer seems
    very familiar. Tell her he's a writer. Rosa gets excited
    when she realizes who he is. You'll get two mental notes to
    ask her about. Ask her about being a fan of him. She says
    she enjoys reading his work and will mention his first novel
    which is the name of the notebook Summer has. Ask her about
    the guest with the same name as you and you won't learn
    anything. Ask what the Secret Word is about. She tell you
    about the book and take off. If you examine the piano in
    the back of the room you can find a sticker all the way on
    the right side. So far that's 5 right?

    Leave the restaurant and head down the hallway. You'll spot
    Mila talking to Louie or rather Louie is doing the talking.
    Walk closer to hear what they are saying. She'll leave and
    you can talk to Louie. You'll have a conversation about her
    and the time will change.

    I Don't Get Paintings
    Exit the restaurant and you'll see Mila at the end of the hall.
    Approach her and speak to her. You'll start talking about the
    painting on the wall and Rosa will show up. She'll take Mila
    back to her room.

    A True Gentleman
    When you try to walk back up the stairs Helen will be walking
    down. She'll ask if you've eaten yet and if it was good.
    Then she'll ask if you can escort her to the restaurant. Tell
    her yes and walk her to the restaurant door. She'll ask if
    you'd meet her at the bar later to share drinks. Tell her
    you're in. She'll go to eat and you can take off down the

    Fountain Pen
    On you way out Louie will stop you. He'll give you a pen he
    thinks is yours. It has an engraving on it. Rosa will call
    for Louie and he takes off. Hyde will wonder how to read the
    engraving. Head out of the restaurant and examine the
    chalkboard next to the restaurant entrance. Look at the bottom
    right of the board and you'll see a couple pieces of chalk.
    Click on the to look closer. Take out your pen and use it on
    the chalk. You'll get some chalk powder and you just need to
    spread it all over the pen and then you'll zoom in further so
    can brush it off. Walk back into the restaurant and Louie will
    be at the entrance. Ask him about the engraving. You'll give
    the pen to Louie and you can leave.

    A Visit To 219
    Head back upstairs for now and knock on room 219 to return
    Melissa's doll. She'll say her dad isn't there and you'll
    wonder where he went. Take the doll out of the bag and show
    it to her. She'll be grateful for its return. Ask her where
    her father went. When you try to leave she'll ask you to
    stay until her father returns. Once you are inside, speak
    to Melissa and she'll want to do a puzzle. Head over to the
    table and examine it to find the puzzle. It'ls like the
    one you did in the first chapter, but you have to put more
    pieces in this time. The best way to complete it is to pick
    out the corner pieces first and place them. Then go for the
    other border pieces and finally fill in the middle. You and
    Melissa will talk for a little when you're done. She'll
    become upset and Hyde will remember that there is something
    on the back of the puzzle. You'll go into another mini game
    where all you need to do is close and open your DS. Don't
    turn off the power. Simply close the lid and open it again.
    The puzzle will flip over to reveal a message. Melissa's
    father will walk in as you ponder why her mother left.
    He'll be upset and ask you to leave, but before you do
    ask him if he was worried about Melissa. He'll say he
    doesn't want Melissa to say anything about her mother.
    Ask why he doesn't want her to talk about it to him. Finally,
    you can ask why his wife left. When he gets angry, Tell
    him to take it easy in front of Melissa. He'll ask that
    you go ahead and leave the room. The time changes to 6:40.

    The Bookmark
    Head back to your room to look for Summer's bookmark. Examine
    the boxes and check the right one. You'll go to a mini game
    where you need to rotate the box and hit it to find the
    bookmark. Turn the box so you're looking at the bottom of it
    and so its longer from left to right. Hit it a couple times
    and turn it around to see if its poking through the middle.
    If it isn't, turn it so you're looking at the bottom again,
    but turned 180 degrees and hit a few more times. You'll know
    you did it right when you see the bookmark poking out through
    the flaps on the inside of the box. Touch it to zoom it.
    Slowly pull it out and you'll be done. Hyde wonders who
    painted the angel.

    The Angel
    Head to Room 211 so you can return the bookmark to Summer.
    Knock and the door and Summer will open it. Ask him
    about the painting on the bookmark. He'll tell you it was
    by someone named Osterzone. Ask him about the painter.
    You'll learn the name of the painting and you need to stop
    him and ask about the title. Go ahead and give Summer the
    bookmark now.

    Handy Man Hyde
    Walk towards your room and you'll hear a noise. It's coming
    from room 218. Knock on the door to hear someone sniffing.
    Hyde will try see who's in there and the voice will say its
    scared. Hyde recognizes it as Melissa's voice. Melissa
    is crying inside and you won't be able to open the door.
    Go downstairs and through the restaurant entrance to find
    Louie. Hyde will fill him in on what's happening. He'll
    ask how much you know about wires. Say that you know enough.
    You need to make your way with Louie to the electrical room.
    Its right across the hall from Louie's room. Walk out of
    the restaurant and through the left hallway door. Walk
    down the hall till you get to the electrical room on the
    right. Go inside and talk to Louie to find out exactly
    what you are supposed to do. Walk over to the panel and
    examine it to get to a mini game. The object it to flip
    both of the switches to on. If you try to do it one at a
    time they'll flip off. You need to use your fingers for
    this. Using both of your thumbs, touch and flip both
    switches at the exact same time and you'll succeed.

    Problems With Pop
    Head back upstairs to room 218 and knock on the door.
    Melissa will try to unlock it, but it will be stuck.
    You'll need to use the wire to unlock the door. It's
    similar to the suitcase, but there are 4 parts of the
    lock to push in. Slowly push in each one and you'll
    unlock the door like a pro. Step inside to see Melissa.
    Talk to her to find out why she ended up in the room.
    Ask her if things aren't going well with her father.
    She tells you she doesn't want to be with her father
    anymore because he lied about her mother. Hyde will
    make a remark that Melissa doesn't understand and
    says her father wouldn't know what it means either.
    Stop her and ask why she thinks that. She'll tell
    you her father said he didn't know anything anymore.
    When you get a chance to interrupt again, ask if
    her Dad knew the place. Melissa will tell you her
    father came here because he could find out where
    her mother went. Ask her if she knows why her died
    lied about her mom. Suggest its because he couldn't
    stand to see Melissa sad anymore. Next, ask if she
    knows why her mom left and say it wasn't her fault.
    You'll learn that her parents faught all the time.
    The next thing you should talk about is her mother
    leaving. Say that you're sure her dad knows. Ask
    if her parents argue a lot. Just continue reading
    the conversation as it unfolds and Melissa will leave
    after becoming too upset to continue. Walk outside
    and Melissa's father will be standing outside his
    room. Walk over and talk to Kevin. He won't even
    know what happened so question him about his whereabouts.
    He'll tell you he was on the roof and then walk
    back inside his room. Make your way to the end of
    the hall and open the door to the roof. Someone will
    be up there. Approach the person to see that its
    Iris. She'll ask why you're up on the roof. Just tell
    her you needed some air. Ask if she's all alone
    on the roof to see if she's meeting someone.
    Hyde will mention Kevin's name and she'll tell you
    she doesn't know him and she'll leave.

    End of Chapter 3 Sequence
    Ah...Here we are again answering some more of Hyde's
    questions. You ready? Here we go!
    Kevin asks you about "Melissa." Summer yapped at you
    about "a bookmark." The angel painting was by a guy
    named "Osterzone." Melissa was locked in Room "218."
    And the final answer, Kevin said he was "on the roof."
    Chapter 3 will close with Hyde wondering about all
    sorts of things and he'll wonder if they will help
    him get a step closer to Bradley.

    End Chapter 3~~~~

    Chapter 4 December 28th, 1979 7:00-8:00 PM [Chap014]

    It's Good To Have Friends
    Hyde decides its time to look into the painting and the
    painter. You'll be up on the roof, so make your way
    towards the stairs . As you get to them your pager will
    go off. Time to call Rachel. Go back to your room and
    give her a buzz on the telephone. Rachel tells you that
    Ed will be late getting back to the office and wants to
    know if you need anything. Hyde will ask Rachel to gather
    info on Osterzone. When you hang up with her there's a
    knock on the door. It's your good pal Louie and he's
    brought you the key to room 217. Wow, what a pal. He
    warns you not to get caught by Dunning or Rosa with the
    key. Hyde asks Louie about the name on the pen, but he
    hasn't learned anything useful. You'll get the pen back
    from him because Hyde wants to check something out.
    Louie takes off and leaves you in your room.

    Leave you room and head towards room 217 to find Jeff
    standing outside of this room. Speak to him. The two of
    you will exchange a few unfriendly words and Jeff will
    walk back into his room. He back to 217 and use the key
    on the lock to gain access. It's time to poke around a
    bit. Walk to the back of the room and look at the dresser.
    The painting will be on the floor next to the bed. Examine
    it closer and click on the small photo poking out behind
    the right side of the painting to obtain it. Now head over
    to the tv and examine the area. Move the slider so you can
    see the dresser. Examine it and you'll look at an oper
    drawer. Take the lighter and Hyde remarks that it belongs
    to Bradley. Well, It seems that it was Bradley who stayed
    in the room. You've gotten everything you need from there
    so you can leave the room. You'll hear another door close
    when you leave. Someone was just in the hallway.

    Money Money Money
    Walk back to your room. Noitce how it's slighty opened?
    Someone must have gone in! Hurry up and get in there.
    Walk in and Hyde will immediately discover that the floor
    is wet. Go inside the bathroom and examine the toilet.
    You can try to flush it by sliding the handle down with
    your stylus, but Hyde will remark that it isn't working.
    Try to slide the top part of the toilet off. Once you
    get it off, Hyde will notice there's something in the
    tank. Grab it to discover a wad of cash in a bag.
    The phone will ring as you ponder how it got there. Go
    and answer it. Rachel will be on the other end. Hyde
    will tell her about the money and she'll advise you not
    to do anything stupid. She'll also tell you she has a
    friend looking into Osterzone for you.

    Around the Hotel
    It's time to wander around. Go to the front desk to
    find Jeff. Lets talk to him. Hyde's curious about
    what he's doing and Jeff will tell you it should be
    obvious. Ask him if he has business with Dunning.
    He'll tell you to go away and so you shall. Walk
    back upstairs and Rosa will be in the hall by Summer's
    room. Go and talk to her. She tells you she's
    looking for Summer, but he's not in his room. Rosa
    says she wants Summer's autograph. You'll get a copy
    of The Secret Word and she'll tell you to get Summer
    to sign it for her. Very demanding woman. She could
    at least say please. She'll rush off before you get
    a chance to argue with her and the time changes to

    Detective Dunning?
    Head back downstairs to the front desk again to see
    Jeff and Dunning talking. It appears that Jeff has
    lost something and he demands that Dunning searches
    the hotel. Dunning tells Jeff to calm down and they
    both realize that you're listening to them. Jeff will
    go back upstairs to wait for Dunning. Ask Dunning
    what that was all about. He'll tell you to forget
    about it, but you should stop him and ask what's happening.
    Dunning explains its just another "fire" he needs to
    put out. As Hyde wonders what he means by "fire," Summer
    will walk up and ask for a copy of the newspaper.
    Dunning will give him one and ask him to put it on the
    table in front of the couch when he's done. Ask Dunning
    why Jeff was so angry. You'll learn that something was
    taken from Jeff's room while he was at the restaurant.
    Ask what it was. He won't say because he suspects you.
    Ask him if he plans of hunting it down by himself.
    He'll say that he needs to call the police and you won't
    be able to say anything further to him for now.
    I must note that this is the only time you can get change
    for the vending machine. Show your money to Dunning to
    get some quarters.

    Some Light Reading
    Walk over to Summer who's almost right behind you. He'll
    talk about what he read in the paper and Hyde will take
    care of Rosa's favor. Summer says he'd be happy to sign
    the book if you bring it up to his room. He'll put the
    paper down on the table and leave. Examine it and read
    the top left story. Summer's friend, Larry Damon, had
    his house broken into and one of the things they took is
    $20,000. Isn't that about the same amount of money you
    found? Below that article is one about an art gallery.
    Read the other side of the paper and you'll notice a
    missing person ad for Alan Parker. That sounds like the
    name on the fountain pen.

    The Other Stairs
    Head for the lobby and the time changes to 7:40. Rosa
    will be blocking your path to the stairs. Talk to her.
    She says she can't talk and if you try to walk past her
    she'll tell you she's cleaning and you'll have to wait.
    Rosa will ask about the autograph, and you'll tell her
    that Summer must have just gone past her. She will
    explain that she's been cleaning for a while and she is
    sure he hasn't gone by. Hyde will be confused because
    he thought Summer went up to his room. Now where could
    he have gone? Rosa will mention that there is another
    set of stairs. Ask her about the other stairs. You'll
    learn they are in the right hallway. Finish talking to
    Rosa and open the right hallway door located to the left
    of the candy machine. The stairs will be to your left.

    To Catch A Theif
    When you get upstairs, Dunning will step out of the utility
    closet. Go down the hall and talk to him. He'll tell that
    some cleaning supplies have gone missing. Ask him about it.
    Looks like you're the theif this time. Dunning will hope
    that whoever took the items will return them. He'll also
    say he has to deal with a nutcase guest. Ask if he means
    Jeff and ask what was stolen from him. Dunning will only
    say one word, Money. Hyde will ask if Dunning knows any
    more about the guest with the same name as you. He'll
    mumble out the same stuff you already know and take off.

    Is This Your Pen?
    Let's get back to what we were doing before, getting
    Summer's autograph. Knock on his door and he'll invite you
    in. Start the conversation with him. Ask him if he likes
    signing stuff. He'll reply that its part of his daily life,
    but he had hoped to be able to relax at the hotel. Ask him
    about the statement "Things never change." Summer will say
    that no matter where he goes, someone will want an autograph
    or a picture. Talk to him again and show him the book that
    Rosa gave you so he'll sign it. He can't seem to find his
    pen. Oh wait, there's always the fountain pen you found.
    Show him that and Hyde will ask if its his. Looks like the
    pen belongs to Summer. Ask him about his pen and he'll say
    that it truly does belong to him. Ask where he dropped it.
    He'll say the lobby, but Hyde will catch this and say the
    restaurant. Hyde asks about the name on the pen and Summer
    says his real name is Alan Parker. Talk to him again and
    give him the book so he'll sign it finally. He'll excuse
    himself to use the restroom and leave you by yourself. Now
    you can be nosey and check out his room. Look at the table
    Summer had been standing in front of and examine the
    notebook on the table. Summer will come back out and ask
    what you were looking at. Hyde says nothing and you will
    walk out. Outside of 211, Hyde will think to himself that
    something isn't right about the notebook.

    I Don't Think This Is Mine
    Try to walk down the stairs and you'll be stopped by Iris.
    She'll be upset because Dunning had to search her things for
    the missing items. Hyde doesn't want to get caught with the
    items that don't belong to him so head for the linen closet
    on the second floor. Open the locker and examine the toolbox.
    Open your bag and place the crowbar, pliers, and screwdriver
    back into the box. Now we need somewhere to hide the things
    you found in the office and that stack of cash. Go back to
    your room and examine the area with your suitcase on the
    table. Open up your bag and place the red box, memo,
    room 217 key, and the stack of cash in the suitcase. If you
    have any of the items on you when you walk down the stairs
    Dunning will stop you and search you and it'll be a game

    Penmanship Is Where It Counts
    Now get yourself down the stairs and head for the kitchen.
    You can always check your map if you've forgotten how to get
    somewhere. Rosa will be inside. Speak to her to inform her
    that you obtained Summer's signature. She'll be happy so ask
    her why she's so excited. Turns out that's the 50th autograph
    she's obtained from someone famous. She'll want her book so
    let her have it. You'll be teased about forging Summer's
    signature and she'll explain that he has distinctive penmanship.
    Ask what makes his signature so special. The letters "er" are
    unique in his name and you should remember that. Rosa will
    tell you that she's sure Martin Summer is Summer's real name
    and not his pen name. Why would Summer lie about his real name
    being Alan Parker? Go back upstairs to ask him about it.
    Knock on room 211 and you'll be let in. Hyde will start
    asking Summer for pointers on writing and Summer will say that
    its nearly impossible. Stop him after that and say "Well if
    you could do it.." and Hyde should lead his questions into the
    notebook that Summer has. Hyde will tell him Summer that he
    did read the notebook and when Summer becomes shocked with what
    you say you should remark about the different handwriting. When
    Hyde starts to talk about the pen, imply that Summer's name
    really isn't Alan. Now that we have Summer all riled up its
    time to pour on the questions. Ask why he's so angry and
    suggest that it exposes him. Next, ask who mailed him the
    notebook and then ask who wrote the novel. Suggest that it
    wasn't him and Hyde will request that Summer writes his
    signature for him. Now you will get to a mini game where you
    must compare two signatures. Circle the "er" at the end of
    Parker on both signatures. If it isn't working, make sure that
    you are circling both letters entirely, especially the long "r"
    on the bottom signature. Ask him who wrote the novel, then
    ask who Alan is and finally ask his relationship with Alan.
    He won't have much to say about any of these questions until
    you've asked them all. He'll lose it and start asking who
    hired you. You'll learn his terrible secret and his life story.
    You may as well grab some popcorn for this one.

    End of Chapter 4 Sequence
    When you finally leave Summer's room you'll do the mental
    question thing again. Allow me to list the answers for
    you. Along with the lighter, you also found "An old photo."
    Rosa insisted that you "Get an autograph." The thing Summer
    dropped was "A fountain pen." The thing Rosa said that got
    Hyde's interest was "Summer's real name." The biggest secret
    was "He stole a friend's work." That's all for the questions.
    Hyde decides that its time to uncover who stashed the money in
    his toilet. He actually starts to feel some of the old him
    from his detective days come back.

    End Chapter 4~~~~

    Chapter 5 December 28th, 1979 8:00-9:00 PM [Chap015]

    Who Is Osterzone?
    The phone rings as soon as you start moving. It's Rachel again. What
    a surprise, right? She finally has some information on Osterzone.
    The painter didn't become famous until after he died just like a lot
    of other people in real life. It seems that his work is extremely
    valuable. The most valuable work would be of course, "Angel Opening
    a Door." Rachel tells you the painting was stolen from an art museum
    about three years ago. You'll fill Rachel in on Bradley and hang up.
    Hyde says its time to go see Rosa.

    Walk downstairs and you'll see Jeff walking out of door. Hit the
    yellow triangle to stop him and ask what's wrong now. Jeff will ask
    if Dunning said anything. Ask "Like what?" and you'll tell him you
    know he was robbed. Ask him what was taken. He won't want to say,
    so encourage him a little. Dunning will show up and Jeff will take
    off. Ask Dunning what the problem is and he'll say that Jeff is
    off-kilter. (whatever that means) Ask him about that. He'll say
    that Jeff is reacting to the robbery like he's acting to be upset.
    Dunning says he doesn't want to call the cops and he's going to
    give himself an hour to think it over.

    How Do You Talk To A Mute?
    Remember earlier in the game that Rosa said to go by her room at
    8:00? Walk to the right hallway where you used the back stairs to
    get to the second floor. Go inside and take the first left down
    the hall to find Rosa. She tells you that Mila is sick and she asks
    you to watch her while she finds Mila some medicine. Give her the
    ok and go into Rosa's room. The time will change to 8:20 during the
    process. You'll find Mila on the couch sleeping. Give her a tap to
    wake her. Hyde will ask about her braclet and she'll write the name
    of the person who gave it to her in your notebook. Look at your
    notes to see that her father is the one that gave it to her. Now
    she'll write his name in it for you. Read your notes again and
    you will find the name Robert Evans. Before you can get more info
    out of her, Rosa will come back. When you leave the room, Dunning
    will stop you in the hallway. He'll suggest you stay in your room
    before he gets suspicious of you.

    I'm No Expert With The Needle
    Go back to your room and walk towards the back to hear a knock at
    the door. It's Melissa and she asks for your help fixing her doll.
    You'll get a funny bit of dialogue from this. You need to find
    something to fix the doll. Examine the package Ed sent you. There's
    a mini sewing machine inside. Take it from the box and talk to
    Melissa again to get the doll. You go into a mini game where you
    need to sew the wing back on the doll. There will be a red flashing
    zig-zag where you need to sew. Carefully follow the outline to
    beat it. If you fail, the wing will fall off and you'll have to try
    again. Melissa will ask if you and Jeff are friends because she
    saw him come out of your room. Melissa leaves and the time changes
    to 8:40.

    Dirty Laundry
    What was Jeff doing in your room? You need to find him so leave
    your room and go knock on his door (room 213). No one is there
    and Hyde will ponder what he's up to. Go downstairs and head
    through the left hallway door. Go through the door marked
    laundry and examine the area on the right side of the room with
    the orange linen cart. Examine the orange linen cart and you'll
    go into a mini game where you need to search the cart. Pull out
    the clumps of laundry and you'll see a small sheet on the bottom.
    Touch that and then touch the back part the cart to fold it up.
    What do we have here? You'll find a hidden gun. As you collect
    the pistol, the door will open and Louie walks in. Tell him you
    found something. Louie will mention someone else doing laundry.
    Ask him about who it was. It will be just who you were thinking.
    It seems Jeff has been doing a lot of complaining. You'll tell
    Louie about how you found the cash in your toilet and it will be
    clear that Jeff put it there and is trying to frame you. You both
    decide that its time deal with Jeff and Louie comes up with a
    plan. Man do I ever love him. He plans on getting Jeff out of
    his room while you give it a search. Louie will leave to put
    the plan in action.

    Not An Angel After All
    Head back to your room to get the stack of cash and the room 217
    key from your suitcase. Leave your room and go inside 217. Take
    a couple steps and you'll hear Louie talking to Jeff. Louie
    manages to get Jeff out of the room. Now's your chance to poke
    around Jeff's room. Leave 217 and walk in 213. Walk to your
    right and examine the corner of the room. Check the bag on the
    sofa to find the master key to your room. Examine the coat on
    the rack and click on the item in the left pocket to find Jeff's
    student ID. When Hyde reads the card the name will say Jeff
    Damon, not Jeff Angel. Could the man that the money was stolen
    from be Jeff's father. Try to leave the room and Jeff will beat
    you to the door. Jeff will be angry and try to threaten you.
    Tell him you know about the cash he hid in your toilet when you
    get a chance. He'll want proof, so say you had an eye witness.
    You now have the opportunity to question Jeff, but you are
    missing an important piece of evidence. Leave his room and
    Hyde will remember Summer talking about the newspaper. Head
    downstairs to the front area and examine the newspaper on the
    table to obtain it. Go back upstairs and knock on Jeff's door.
    Now's your chance to drill him. Show him the duplicate Room 215
    key, Jeff's Student ID, the stack of cash, the newspaper, and
    the pistol. Ask him about the cash and tell him he wanted trouble.
    Next, Ask about the gun next and say that he wanted it to be
    found. Then you'll want to ask about his name and say that its
    Jeff Damon. If you're going down the line, the fourth question
    will be about who you sound like and the fifth about why he put
    the gun in the laundry. The last two will be about why he hates
    his father's name and if his father is as bad as he thinks.
    After all of the questions you'll finally learn the truth behind
    Jeff's plan. Just sit back and read the conversation. One very
    important thing to note is that Jeff's father works for Nile as
    their defense attorney. You'll help Jeff sort his life out and
    you'll leave the room wondering about all of the coincidences.

    End of Chapter 5 Sequence
    Hurray! Its the end of Chapter 5 and question time once again.
    Hyde does wayyyyy too much thinking for my brain, but hey,
    what can you do? Here's the answers. Jeff asked you "Did
    Dunning say anything?" Mila's father's name is "Robert Evans."
    What you found in the laundry room was "A gun." When you patted
    down Jeff's jacket you found "Jeff's Student ID." Jeff's
    father makes a living as a "Lawyer." After figuring out why
    Jeff robbed his father, Hyde wonders why Bradley betrayed him.

    End Chapter 5~~~~

    Chapter 6 December 28th, 1979 9:00-10:00 PM [Chap016]

    Hyde The Story Teller
    Hyde mentions to himself that the bar is open and wants to go
    for a drink. Someone call AA. Of course it's the beginning
    of the chapter and we can't leave the room without getting a
    call from Rachel. It looks like Ed is actually at the office.
    He'll want to be updated on the situation and Hyde will fill
    him in with the story. Ed and Hyde will definitely use some
    lingo from the time their in and it can be a little hard to
    follow at times. Ed mentions that he might need you to hand
    the items you found over to the client directly. Hyde hangs
    up with Bradley on his mind.

    The Seven Stars
    Leave your room and head downstairs. Go through the restaurant
    entrance and head for the bar. Its at the end of the hall near
    the kitchen. When you walk in Louie will welcome you. Hyde
    and Louie will joke with each other. Hyde will talk about his
    drink with a lot of detail. Louie will come back over and tell
    you about the bar's jukebox and some matches. Then he'll
    mention the guest with your name. He'll say that he and Rosa
    were both out. Stop him and pick either answer for the question.
    I said he was sick, but I could see from Louie's reply that it
    didn't reall matter. Ask him about the jukebox and then about
    the matches. Hyde will take another drink and someone will come
    in. It's old eye patch pirate lady Helen. She'll order a
    gimlet and you'll be able to move, sort of. Try to take a step
    and Hyde will stop to think about the guest with your name.
    Now you can move. Walk down to the area where the old bag is.
    Don't talk to her just yet. Look to her left and examine the
    shelf with the matches. You'll find two matchstick books each
    with a puzzle for you to solve which are fairly simple. I'll
    draw what they look like undone and solved for you.........

    Unsolved Finished

    __ __
    | | | |
    |__|__ |__|__
    | | | | |
    |__|__| | |
    | | | | |
    |__|__| |__ __|
    | | | |
    |__| |__|

    Unsolved Finished

    /\ /\
    /__\ / \
    /\ /\ / \
    /__\/__\ /__ __\
    /\ /\ /\ /\ /\
    /__\/__\/__\ /__\ /__\

    Easy right? or as Hyde puts it, "Easy Peasy." Speak to Helen.
    She'll be happy to speak to such a fine bourbon drinking
    gentleman as yourself. You'll learn she doesn't have any
    family and Hyde will share the same information about himself.
    Hyde talk to Helen about the room she originally wanted and
    she'll mention that she has a wish that must come true.
    Ask how long she has been alone and what her wish is. She
    hasn't always been alone and she won't share the details of
    her wish with you. Ask if she had a family. She'll want to
    leave the past alone and Louie will interrupt by bring Helen
    her gimlet. She'll buy you another drink and Louie will go
    back behind the bar. I wish I didn't have to pay for drinks.
    While Louie gets your bourbon, Helen will give you a coin
    puzzle to solve. There's no need for a picture on this one.
    Simply stack the very bottom coin on top of the coin above it
    to make an upside down "T". Helen will start to talk of her
    past and say it isn't the first time she's stayed at the hotel.
    Stop her and ask when she was there before. She stayed at the
    hotel 20 and 10 years ago, every decade for the past 30 years.
    Eye patch goes on to say she was working in Las Vegas. Stop
    and ask what she did there. She was a magician. I guess old
    dogs, or women, can learn new tricks. Louie stops the two
    of you to give you the best bourbon the bar has to offer.
    Helen says its time for her to leave and asks Louie for help.
    I love the name Louie gives her. (Why didn't I come up with
    that?) You'll be left alone to watch the bar. Walk to the
    end of the bar that's near the door and examine the bottle and
    glass on the bar. The door will open and Iris walks in.
    She'll ask if you want to have a drink together. The choices
    you have are "no thanks" or "no way!". I don't really think
    it matters which you choose, but I said no thanks. The time
    will change to 9:20. Examine the bottle of bourbon again and
    someone else will walk in. I think everyone in the hotel is
    on the same schedule and shows up everywhere at the same time.
    This time its Summer who walks in. He'll try to befriend you,
    but Hyde won't have any of it. Iris interrupts to say she's
    leaving. Good riddance. Summer asks you who she is and when
    you tell him her name and room number he'll say its not right.
    Stop him and ask what isn't right. He feels that he's met her
    somewhere before. Ok, if I ever had this many coincidences in
    one evening I think I might shoot myself or something.
    Anyway, Summer figures out that you aren't just any ordinary
    salesman. Looks like the shoe is on the other foot this time.
    Ask him what makes sense now. Hyde thinks some pretty violent
    thoughts while he's listening to Summer ramble on. Must be the
    alcohol in his system. When Summer lays his cards down on the
    table you'll realize just how dumb he is and Hyde makes the
    perfect comment on this. The bar must be the most humorous part
    of the game. Ask Summer how he knows Iris. He won't remember.
    Examine the bottle of bourbon a third time and Louie will
    return. Louie reminds you that the bar is open till midnight
    and that the two of you need to have a drink together. One last
    thing to note is that there is a star sticker on the right side
    of the jukebox. You can finally leave the bar now.

    A History Lesson From Rosa
    Whew! That was a long section. Walk down the hall and Rosa
    will stop you. She's still cleaning the hotel this late at
    night. Does she ever get time off? The two of you will
    start to talk about the bar and its anniversary date will
    come into question for Hyde. Ask her when that was. It
    turns out to be around the same time of the missing kid incident
    10 years ago. Rosa will actually joke with you and Hyde will
    be fooled. The incident with the kid is actually just a rumor
    according to Rosa. She suggests you speak to Dunning and gets
    back to her cleaning.

    A History Lesson From Dunning
    You can find Dunning inside the restaurant looking at pictures
    behind the piano. The two of you will discuss the history of
    the hotel. Ask him if the hotel always had the same name.
    Dunning mentions that he planned on changing it when he took
    over, but the sign change would cost too much. Ask when he
    got the place. Once you discuss that with him, ask about
    what he was looking at when you walked in. When you ask about
    his former job he won't tell you. Say you wanted to know how
    he got into hotel management. You won't learn to much and
    he'll take off. Go talk to Rosa again.

    Rosa's Request
    Rosa will be in the same spot you left her. She'll be happy
    to see you. Be afraid, very afraid, and ask her what she
    wants. She wants you to deliver wine labels to the guests
    and tempts you with a free breakfast to do it. Rosa wants
    you to take the label up to Helen and she mentions how
    Helen was with someone at the hotel on her previous visit.
    Ask Rosa if she knows who that someone was. She's not
    sure, but she thinks it was Helen's son. Ask Rosa why
    she thinks her and Helen are alike. You learn that Rosa
    has a son in New York. Ask what her son is like.
    After that is out of the way Rosa tells you there are
    three wine labels. You'll need to figure out which one
    belongs to Helen to bring it to her.

    Delivery Boy
    Walk into the restaurant and examine the bottle on the
    table to your immediate left. It's a bottle of Rose.
    Walk upstairs and knock on room 216 to speak to Iris and
    ask her what wine she drank. Looks like she had the Rose.
    Go over to Summer's room next and ask what he had. He
    had the Chardonnay. Walk back to your room and look in
    the package Ed sent you. Take the adhesive remover so
    you can get the label off of the bottle. Go down to the
    kitchen and look for the bottle on the back table. You
    should really save here just in case you mess up. You'll
    know its the right bottle if Hyde thinks to himself that
    it is. Use the adhesive remover on the bottle to go into
    a mini game. Spread it over the entire label and you'll
    be ready to peel it off. This is where things get
    tricky. If you aren't careful, the label will rip and
    you'll get a game over. Slowly start at the top right
    corner by pressing and holding down with your stylus.
    Slide the stylus to the bottom left very slowly to peel
    the label off. If you want to be extra careful, grab
    the label at areas closer to where its about to come off
    of the bottle as you peel. You only need to peel about
    half of it off to successfully complete the mini game.
    You'll obtain the label so run it up to room 212.

    Helen's Past
    Helen will invite you into the room when you get there.
    Speak to her and you will remind her of her past. Ask her
    what happened back then. She won't talk so you'll have
    to squeeze it out of her. Give her the wine label. You
    won't have any questions to ask her, but its ok. Try
    to end the conversation and Hyde will ask her who she
    shared the wine with. She'll ask if it really matters.
    Stop her and say you're just curious. You'll learn that
    she shared the wine with the man 10 years ago. When you
    try to ask where his is now Helen will be shaken up.
    Hit the triangle and suggest that she doesn't know.
    Ask her who the person was and suggest she cared about
    him. Ask why she doesn't contact him and suggest she
    misses him too much. Try to find out what she meant
    by betraying him and who the mystery person is. Hyde
    realizes that its her son whose name turns out to be
    Alan. Ask her about that next. The full name of Alan
    Parker is revealed. Man, the coincidences just won't
    quit today will they? You'll leave the room telling
    Helen you'll be right back. Go to Summer's room to
    get the fountain pen from him. Hyde is quite forceful
    about getting it back. Let yourself back into Helen's
    room and show her the pen. Her reaction explains it
    all. It's definitely the same Alan Parker that Summer
    knows. Helen says she gave him the pen 10 years ago
    during their reunion. She talk about how she had
    abandoned her son and ask how you came into possession
    of the pen. Read along and you'll learn all you need
    to know.

    End of Chapter 6 Sequence
    Hyde thinks about how he'll probably need to tell
    Summer that Alan's mother is at the hotel and he'll
    switch to question mode to clear things up. And the
    answers are......The next person to stumble in the bar
    was "Helen." Dunning took over the hotel "Five years
    ago." Helen was drinking "Red Wine." Her companion's
    name was "Alan." Helen left her son to become a
    "Magician." As the chapter comes to a close, Hyde
    wonders what Bradley thinks of at night.

    End of Chapter 6~~~~

    Chapter 7 December 28th, 1979 10:00-11:00 PM [Chap017]

    Kyle Hyde, Advice Columnist
    Hyde suggests joining Louie in the bar for another drink,
    but since its a new chapter you just know the phone is
    going to ring when you try to leave. HA! I fooled you on
    that one. You actually get out the room without the phone
    going off. When you get to the bar speak to Louie and he'll
    ask if you want a drink. You can take either, I chose the
    scotch. Louie will ask if anything is the matter and Hyde
    will reply that he's been handling everyone else's problems.
    Louie says its because people want to talk to a guy like
    you. Ask him, "A guy like me?" Louie belts out some pretty
    smart words and Hyde compliments him on it. You'll get your
    drink and think about something Bradley said to you. Louie
    mentions to you that he wants a bar of his own. He started
    thinking about it when you told him a story back in New York.
    Ask him what the story was. He'll say you told him a story
    that turned his life around. Ask if you yelled at him.
    It had something to do with Hyde's father so ask Louie about
    that. Hyde will realize what the story was. Ask Louie
    if he believed it. When he asks if it was true tell him that
    it indeed was. Louie tells you that something else has his
    attention. Tell him you REALLY don't get it and he'll tell
    you his new passion is bowling. He tells you to be at the
    bar at 11:00 to bowl against him. Now how are you going to
    bowl in that tiny little bar?

    The Famous Cecily Lee
    Summer will walk in and order a gin and tonic. Go over and
    talk to him. You'll want to tell him about Alan and he'll
    say he has something to discuss with you as well. When
    the choice comes up, talk about Alan. He'll ask who you
    were talking about it to. Go ahead and be truthful. Once
    Summer gets his drink, ask him what he wasnt to talk about.
    He'll say that Iris looks like Cecily Lee. Isn't that the
    girl on the magazine cover you have? Ask him who Lee is.
    After you find out the info you'll tell Summer you gotta
    jet. He'll stay to finish his drink.

    Unhappy Holidays
    Walk out of the bar to find Melissa in the hallway. Talk
    to her to discover he father is gone again. She'll ask
    you if you got anything for Christmas. Tell you didn't.
    She'll say the same and that her father is a jerk. Agree
    with her to learn that she didn't have anything for
    Christmas. Melissa will leave and the time changes to 10:20.

    Oh Christmas Tree...
    Head for the stairs to be stopped by Rosa. It's after 10
    and the woman is still cleaning. Rosa will ask why
    Melissa looked so sad. Say its because her mom left. You
    won't have any questions for her, but when you try to leave
    Rosa will talk to you about why Melissa would ask about a
    Christmas Tree. Tell the maid that Melissa didn't get one
    this year. Rosa will inform you that the tree and decorations
    are in the storage room on the first floor. Let's go there.
    Go to the right hallway and walk past Rosa's room to get to
    storage. Go inside and examine all of the boxes in the back
    of the room. Examine any one of them specifically to start
    a mini game. The object is to move the boxes so you can get
    to the Christmas tree. It's located in the back left corner
    of the room. Just slide all of the boxes to the right side
    of the room. You can stack them on top of each other all of
    the way up to the roof. Once you have completely exposed
    the tree box which will have a picture of a tree on it and
    tinted green you'll be done. Melissa will walk in behind
    you. Rosa will know that you would come after the tree so
    she sent Melissa down to decorate it. You'll get into
    another mini game where you must decorate the tree. This
    game is very simple. Just match the color of the decoration
    to the color of the hook on the tree. Red decorations on
    red hooks, green on green, and so on and so forth. You
    will get a star once you get the decorations on that you
    must place at the top of tree. Melissa will be happy.
    Mila and then Louie will walk into the room. Talk to Louie
    and Mila to ask how the tree looks and then speak to
    Melissa. If you bought the prize from the machine, you
    can give it to her now. She'll fall asleep and Hyde
    suggests that Louie should take her back to her room. Speak
    to Mila to learn that she's feeling better. You'll converse
    with her through your notebook. Her father owns an art
    gallery in Santa Monica. Hmmm...her connection is becoming
    clearer. Rosa walks in and comments on how nice the tree
    looks. She'll take Mila back to her room for the night.
    Walk out of storage and head back the way you came.

    Unwelcome Guest
    Hyde will stop and notice that Dunning's room is open. Go
    inside. Walk to the back of the room and examine the single
    picture on the dresser. As Hyde wonders who the girl in the
    photo is, the door opens. Dunning walks in and questions you
    on why you're there. Dunning tells you to leave and the time
    will change to 10:40.

    Kevin And Iris
    Walk into the lobby to find Kevin. Go and speak to him. He's
    slurring his speech so its quite obvious that he's drunk.
    He'll make his way to the front desk area. Follow him and
    speak to him again. He'll start throwing up. (I think) Ask
    if he's ok and who he was drinking with. He won't say and
    tell you to leave him alone. Walk to the bar to find Iris
    speaking to Louie. She'll leave you and Louie alone. Ask
    Louie who was drinking in the bar earlier. Kevin and Iris
    were drinking together. Ask what they were talking about.
    Louie says he overheard something about a Gallery May in
    Santa Monica. The same one Mila's father works at right?
    Ask what they said about it. Louie won't know anything.
    You can ask Louie about the little girl in Dunning's photo,
    but he has no idea. Head back upstairs and speak to Iris
    who will be in her room. Hyde asks her about her meeting
    with Kevin in the bar. Iris will say that she needs to
    talk to you and invites you inside. She feels that when
    she got back to her room, something felt odd. Ask her
    what's odd. She says her suitcase was moved. Ask if
    anything was stolen. She says a small envelope was taken.
    Now ask what was inside. Apparently, Iris swore to the
    person who gave it to her that she wouldn't tell. Ask
    about the gallery next and then about who gave her the
    envelope. You'll learn that someone named Grace gave it
    to her. Ask who Grace is and Iris will be uncooperative.
    You'll take off out of the room and see Kevin in the
    hallway. Approach him and he'll leave. Follow him down
    to the front desk area and speak to him. He'll doesn't
    want to talk, but Hyde will question him anyway. When
    Hyde mentions room 216, Kevin says that its none of his
    business. Ask him what his business was. Kevin continues
    to avoid talking so say that you have reasons for
    asking. He'll open up after you tell him about Mila,
    but eventually he'll want to leave. Tell him to talk
    about Iris and suggest its the first time they met.
    Kevin agrees and he'll say that Iris knew Grace.
    Tell him to talk about the gallery and say he never
    worked there before. Then ask who Grace is to learn what
    you're probably thinking. She's Melissa's mother and
    Kevin's wife. Tell him to talk about Grace and suggest
    she left because of him. Ask Kevin why she left and then
    ask about how it was his fault. You'll finally get the full
    story out of Kevin.

    End of Chapter 7 Sequence
    Kevin takes off and you're left to think about how Grace
    managed to get the money to save her family. Hyde does
    his mystical mojo and asks himself questions.....again.
    After leaving the bar you bumped into "Melissa." The
    room where you found the tree was "Storage." First Mila
    joined you and then "Louie." Mila's father owned "Gallery
    May." The thief made off with "A small envelope." The
    chapter will end with Hyde really starting to piece the
    connection together between the people in the hotel and

    End Chapter 7~~~~

    Chapter 8 December 28th, 1979 11:00-12:00 AM [Chap018]

    Who is Robert Evans?
    It's 11:00 PM so its time to meet Louie for bowling and
    you also need to find out who took the envelope from Iris.
    The phone will ring this time when you try to leave. Rachel
    will chat with you and then realize that Ed needs to speak
    with you. Hyde asks Ed to do some research on Robert Evans
    and the art gallery. Once the two of you are done talking
    its time to head out.

    One Man's Trash....
    When you walk out of your room you'll hear a noise come
    from the end of the hall. If you walk to the bar and talk
    to Louie, Hyde will tell him to give him a little time to
    take care of some business. Go to the front desk area to
    speak to Kevin. You exchange a few words and he'll leave.
    Go back upstairs and enter the utility room which is
    across from the linen room near the roof entrance. Examine
    the trash can on your right next to the sink and Hyde will
    notice something in it. Take the tape and the brown
    envelope. Walk back to your room and take the red pencil
    from your suitcase. You're going to need it. Go to the
    bar to ask Louie for a cassette player. He'll say there is
    one in his room and someone else wanted it earlier. Dunning
    borrowed it from him. Louie gives you permission to use it.
    Go to his room and walk to the back. The cassette player
    is sitting on top of a crate next to his bed. Try to use the
    tape on the player you'll find out that it's unwound.
    You need to wind it back up. The tape will now be on the
    crate next to the player. Use the pencil on the tape to start
    a mini game. Slide the pencil into the hole of the cassette.
    Spin the pencil to wind the tape up back into the cassette.
    You'll be done when its completely rewound. Now use the
    tape on the cassette again. Another mini game starts. Drag
    the tape to place it in the player. Play side B and you'll
    hear broken pieces of conversation. Louie walks in when
    you're done listening. Hyde plays the tape for him and
    updates him on what you're investigating.

    Confronting Iris
    Now you need to find Iris. She'll be in her room on the
    second floor. Knock and she opens up. Ask why she had
    the tape in the first place. Show her the envelope and
    the cassette tape and end the conversation. Hyde will
    automatically talk to her again and Iris invites you in.
    Talk to her to learn that Grace asked Iris to bring the
    tape to the hotel. Ask her why. She won't know that
    Kevin is Grace's husband until you tell her. Iris has
    been searching for Grace to ask her something. Well,
    now its time for you to ask Iris some questions of your
    own. Start off with talking about the plan and suggest
    that its insurance. Next, ask about the doll and
    say that she recognized it. After that, talk about
    Grace and say that Iris is looking for her because she
    vanished. Iris says she doesn't know what the tape is
    for so ask her who gets it? She's supposed to give it
    to the man who painted the angel. Hmm....more angels?
    Ask if Iris has a doll too and then where Grace got the
    money. Iris drops a small bomb by telling you she's
    Grace's sister. You'll learn about Iris' and Grace's
    pasts and how Grace asked Iris for money. You still
    don't know just how Grace got the money yet, but you do
    have your suspicions. The time changes to 11:20.

    Time To Roll
    Head to Louie's room and let yourself in. Talk to him
    to fill him in on what's happened and to ask him to
    check the logs to see if Grace has stayed in the hotel.
    Walk outside of Louie's room and he'll call you over.
    Looks like you're bowling in the hallway. Grab and
    drag the ball towards the pins to throw it. Try to
    keep the stylus straight and you roll the ball so
    it stays on target. Aim for the spot between the center
    pin and either the left or right pin. If your aim
    is good then you can hit a strike. If you don't
    get it right, you can start over without waiting for
    Louie's turn by hitting the return arrow. Bowling
    strikes will get you the win every time. Louie usually
    hits between 5-8 pins when he rolls. When Louie is
    on his third roll he'll break the plant. Its actually
    a blessing is disguise because you'll find a key
    among the dirt. After you pick it up, Rosa walks in
    to see what the ruckus is. She informs both of you
    that Mila is missing and take off. Louie and Hyde
    decide to split up and search. He takes the first
    floor and you'll take the second. Hyde also gives
    Louie the key to see if he can find what its for.
    Head for the roof to find Mila. You converse using
    your handy dandy notebook once again. Rosa said
    something to Mila about knowing her father. The
    time changes to 11:40 and you need to get Mila back
    to Rosa's room.

    Confronting Mila
    Walk Mila back to Rosa's room and knock on the door.
    Rosa will answer and let you in. Walk to the back
    room and go inside. Examine the pictures in the
    room and then try to leave. The two of you converse
    about the photos for a while and then get to talking
    about Mila. When you ask her what she said to Mila
    she'll like. Tell Rosa not to lie. She'll say its
    not like she hiding anything from you. Say "Rosa...
    Come on, now." She'll slip up on you. Ask Rosa
    to talk about the pamphlet and suggest Mila's
    brochure. Next, ask about Mila's father and suggest
    Rosa does know something. Now ask her about her
    promise and suggest its someone you know. Fire away
    with the next three questions and just listen to
    what Rosa has to say. You'll find out that Dunning
    has a daughter. Maybe its the name you found on the
    birthday card in the office? It's time to go

    Info Man Ed
    Leave Rosa's bedroom and you'll see Mila in the
    living room. Speak to her and you'll tell her
    that you're going to find her father. Now leave
    the living room and walk down the hall. You're
    pager goes off. Head back up to your room and
    give Ed a call. Rachel answers and puts Ed on
    for you. Ed tells you that he has news about
    the gallery and Mila's father. I love the way
    Ed talks. You'll get a little info and Ed says
    he still has a little searching to do.

    End of Chapter 8 Sequence
    Hyde decides its time to get his facts straight. Here
    are the answers. The other thing you asked Ed to check
    was "Robert Evans." The person who sent the tape to
    Iris was "Grace." The thing you found in the hallway
    planter was "An old key." When you found Mila she was
    "On the roof." Robert Evans went missing "Seven years
    ago." Its time to learn some more about Mila, Dunning,
    and this angel painting. Hyde says that the strands of
    this mystery are starting to fray and the strand he
    needs to pull is Bradley's.

    End Chapter 8~~~~

    Chapter 9 December 29th, 1979 12:00-2:00 AM [Chap019]

    Apples To Apples
    Walk away from the phone and Hyde will notice the apple painting
    on the wall. Examine the painting closer and you'll move into
    a mini game. You are looking for a letter in the painting. Its
    located on the second apple from the left "Y". Hyde writes it
    down in his notebook. Go to room 217 and check the painting in
    there. Look all the way on the left side of the painting for
    an "N". The next painting will be in the hallway across from the
    stairs. An "E" will be in the top right corner. Head downstairs
    and walk to the end of the hall past the restaurant for the
    fourth painting. You can find an "N" and the middle apple.
    Hyde will wonder where to find the fifth apple painting.

    Lets Raid The Cellar!
    Walk into the lobby to find Louie. Once again you'll have to fill
    Louie in on the current events, but this time Louie has information
    of his own. You can ask Louie about the last apple painting, but he
    won't know where it is. Ask about the old key. Louie says it goes
    to the wine cellar. Louie's thinking what I'm thinking, but Hyde's
    not thinking what we're thinking so....oh wait....I just confused
    myself. Anyway, ask about Grace next. Unfortunately, there are no
    logs for more than a year ago so its impossible for Louie to find
    out using the files. Louie says to meet him at the cellar at 1:00.
    Dunning interrupts and tells Louie to get back to the bar. Dunning
    takes off soon after and the time changes to 12:20.

    Holy Crap She's Talking
    Head over to Rosa's room. She'll ask if you've found anything out
    about Mila's father. Hyde is smart with her. Ask about the apple
    painting. She'll mention the fifth is in the special room. Ask
    her about that room. Its the room you've walked by many times so
    far. Room 111 in the lobby. Rosa leaves to get the key to the
    room. Mila will go with you when you leave. DO NOT WALK INTO THE
    LOBBY FROM THE RIGHT HALLWAY. Dunning will be there and throw you
    out of the hotel when he sees you with Mila and you'll get a game
    over. Walk up the back stairs in the right hallway and then down
    the normal stairs to the central hallway. Walk into the lobby
    from there and you won't get caught. Let yourself into room 111.
    Rosa tells you the painting is in the back. Walk through the
    back door and the painting will be on the wall next to the bed.
    You can find a "J" just to the bottom left of the apple. Now that
    you have all of the letters you'll start a mini game to determine
    what they mean. They spell out Jenny so touch the letters in the
    order to spell J-E-N-N-Y. Walk back to the other room. Rosa
    screams because Mila is on the floor. Rosa tells you to help
    her and you'll start a mini game. This one is like flipping the
    puzzle. Close and open the DS to put your face next to her's and
    revive her. Not only does Mila wake up, but the girl can now
    talk! Hyde had the same reaction as I did. You'll have a lot of
    questions to ask her so just go down the list and read along.

    The Other Hyde
    After playing 20 questions with Mila, her and Rosa will head back
    to Rosa's room. Leave the room and Kevin will be waiting for
    you. He'll ask if you were in 111 with Mila. Stop him and ask
    if he knows Mila and then ask how he knows her. She was a
    patient at his hospital. Interesting. Ask why she was there.
    Mila was in a coma for 10 years! It's kinda like that movie
    where the 13 year old turns 30. He'll say they tried to contact
    her family, but had trouble. Stop him and ask if he knew her
    family. Her father visited her every month until she woke up
    and he paid all of the bills in advance. After this, Kevin
    reveals some stunning information. He says the hospital got
    a visitor by the name of Kyle Hyde. Kevin takes off after that.

    Hotel Dusk
    Your pager goes off while you think about Bradley and the time
    changes to 12:40. Go upstairs to your room and call Ed. This
    time its Ed that answers and not Rachel. She finally got to go
    home. Ed drops an atom bomb on you this time. You learn that
    Robert Evans bought a little place called.....Hotel Dusk! dun
    dun dun. He is the one who sold it to Dunning. Ed tells you
    that you might want to get ready for a bad surprise and someone
    knocks at the door. You hang up with Ed when he hears you have
    a visitor. Rosa is at the door and she's panicked. She says
    that Dunning came and took her, but she hasn't returned yet.
    Hyde tells Rosa to wait in her room while you go find them.

    Find Dunning
    Head for Dunning's room. Try to knock and Louie shows up.
    Hyde tells him to check the wine cellar while you look in
    Dunning's room. No one is inside. Walk into Dunning's
    bedroom and examine his desk. Check the brochure to obtain it.
    Next, check the newspaper that was under the brochure to
    get it. Examine the top desk drawer to find a lot of
    birthday cards in it. Leave Dunning's Room and head for the
    pantry. It's the room that's connected to the kitchen.
    Examine the white door in the back corner of the room.

    End Chapter 9 Sequence
    Kyle's mentalness comes a lot quicker this time. Upon
    examing the door he'll start to think. Here's your
    answers. The last second floor painting is found in
    "Room 217." They spelled out the name "Jenny."
    When Mila first came to the hotel she was "Nine years
    old." The name of the hospital was "Robbins." The thing
    you found in his desk drawer was "Birthday Cards."
    Hyde is prepared to find something he doesn't want to
    in the hotel and heads for the cellar.

    Nap Time
    THe first thing you see in the cellar is Louie on the ground.
    Try to wake him and you'll be knocked out. Save your game and
    the chapter ends.

    End Chapter 9~~~~

    Chapter 10 December 29th, 1979 2:00 AM-? [Chap010]

    OOO...A Secret Door
    Well Chpater 9 didn't end on such a nice note now did it? Luckily
    you're not dead yet. Rosa wakes you up. Louie's awake when you
    get up and both of you are holding your head in pain. Rosa says
    that Mila is still missing. The three of you will discuss what's
    going on. When you gain control again, examine the shelf next
    to Louie. Look at the box on the bottom right to notice that there
    are 3 whiskey bottles in the box. Now look at the shelf to the
    right of the one you were examining. Check the bottle on the top
    left shelf to obtain it. Place the bottle in the box of whiskey
    and Rosa will speak up. She says there is something odd about the
    half full bottle. Look at the shelf behind Rosa now. Take the
    bottle from the top left shelf. Use it on the half full bottle
    in the box to fill it up. Make sure you click on the bottle and
    not the box. When you put it back you'll hear a click. Now
    examine the shelf in its entirety and it will move. The shelf
    will reveal a hidden stairway. Hyde tells Louie to stay with
    Rosa while he goes down. Time to get to the bottom of things

    A Basement Of Troubles
    Head down the stairs and walk down the hall to the only door.
    Walk inside and head over to the shelf. Examine the top right
    item to find the guest registry from two years ago. After checking
    it, Hyde discovers that Grace did stay at the hotel. Examine the
    the blue book next to registry and you'll hear footsteps. Someone
    will lock the door and you have to get out soon or you'll die.
    Try to examine the blue book again. Its a book all about Osterzone
    and there's a photo of Dunning and Jenny between the pages. Take
    both of the items. Make sure to take note of the number on the
    back of the photo (518). Read the red book underneath the blue book.
    Walk over to the desk area and examine the machine on the table.
    Try to turn it on and it won't work. Examine the power cord behind
    the machine running down the wall to figure out why the machine isn't
    working. Make sure to examine the red toolbox underneath the desk to
    get the hammer. Now examine the top drawer next to the machine. You
    will find a lockbox. Use the date on the back of the photo to open
    it. You'll find a letter inside for Dunning from Evans. Now examine
    the bottom drawer to find a file and scissors. Use the pencil in
    your bag on the file. You'll get a mini game where you need to shave
    the lead off of the pencil. Just move the pencil back and forth
    on the file to beat it. You'll obtain some graphite powder. Use
    it on the plug to get the machine working. Try to look at the
    piece of paper next to the machine and Hyde will say its getting
    hard to breathe. Now examine the paper again. Tilt the DS to read
    the number on the paper. It will be random each game so I can't
    give you a one time use all number. Use the letter from Evans
    on the machine so that it will be displayed next to the machine.
    Turn the machine on and change the number above the power button
    to whatever number was on the paper next to the machine. Type in
    the code on the bottom of the letter exactly as it appears.
    Holy crap! Osterzone is Dunning Smith! Once you punch in the code
    Louie will knock on the door. Go over to the door and Louie will
    let you out.

    A Secret Room
    Walk down the hall with Louie to the bottom right corner of the hall
    to trigger a cutscene. Some of the bricks on the wall have been
    knocked out. Examine the wall and use the hammer on it to start a
    mini game. Bash away at the bricks to reveal a door behind the wall.
    You'll need to hit quite a few bricks to finish. Walk inside the
    room and Hyde will lay the truth on Louie. Examine the desk in
    room and take the Palette knife off of the color palette. Now
    examine the big white canvas in front of the desk and use the knife
    on it. Scrape every last bit of white paint off to reveal the
    valuable angel painting. Oh my God! Hyde and Louie will piece most
    of the mystery together. You need to find Dunning and Mila so you
    can clear up every last detail.

    The Final Confrontation
    Walk out of the room and back towards the airtight room. Hyde will
    stop and notice an inconsistancy in the wall. Hyde bangs on the
    wall find Dunning and Mila in another secret room. Hyde demands
    that Dunning talks and every last detail will fall into place.
    When Dunning says its the last place him and Evans saw each other,
    stop him and say Dunning talked to him here. When he says the
    painting is there because that man left it there, say it was Bradley.
    When's its time to question Dunning, ask what he and Evans spoke
    about. Evans was responsible for Jenny's kidnapping. She would be
    returned if Dunning started painting again. Say it was Nile who
    was responsible. Ask Dunning what Bradley said. When Bradley
    asked Dunning about Evans suggest that Dunning didn't tell him.
    When you ask about Jenny next you'll want to suggest that Evans never
    told Dunning about his daughter. After your first trio of questions,
    fire off the next three in order. When you get through the
    questions, Dunning will tell you everything. It's quite a long
    story so try to keep up with Dunning.


    A Final Note
    I don't want to ruin the ending so just enjoy the final scenes after
    speaking with Dunning to finish the game. I do want to remind you to
    visit with everyone before you leave though. Some aren't in obvious
    places...*hint* the roof, Rosa's room *hint*

    I'll be adding some stuff to the guide soon! Check back!

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