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Interplay Announces MDK2 for WiiWare

Discussion in 'Nintendo News & Rumors' started by Wii News, Jun 29, 2010.

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    Oct 10, 2009
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    Interplay and Beamdog have announced that they are bringing the classic shooter MDK2 to the Wii via WiiWare. They’re being a bit tight-lipped as regards any other information about the release though, other than issuing the following quote from Herve Caen, CEO of Interplay:

    “It is a great pleasure to announce that we are returning to the adventures of Kurt Hectic, Dr. Hawkins and the six-legged gun-toting robotic dog Max.”

    The third-person shooter was originally released for Dreamcast and PC in 2000, and PS2 in 2001, the follow-up to the original MDK (Murder, Death, Kill, in case you’re wondering what the initial stands for!) which was released by Interplay in 1997. Both games were definitely considered ahead of their time when they were released, and have long been favourites with critics and fans alike. It’ll be interesting to see if MDK2 stands up to the test of time, and exactly how Interplay and Beamdog plan to update it for the Wii. No screenshots have been made available yet, so we’ve included a couple here from the original PC version to give you an idea of what you can expect.

    MDK2 is due for release on WiiWare this winter.


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