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list of kirby's powers

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Chat' started by bw!, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. bw!

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    Jul 31, 2007
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    Heres a list of kirby attacks plus info on them.Hope it helps. :wink:

    Angel (Cupid)
    A cute ability where Kirby has wings and a halo. The main weapon of choice in this manner is a Bow and Arrow.

    Kirby wears the fur of a fuzzy creature and attacks with sharp claws. This is the prime ability where Kirby can dig through loose earth. This is Kirby's first ability, where the hat for it modifies Kirby's shoes as well.

    An early variation of Suplex. Kirby can perform all sorts of grab-and-throw wrestling moves.

    While hard to control, Kirby can roll up into a ball and bounce across stages with immense attack power. It is also the lead of several spin-off games.

    Kirby will inflate enough to be able to float lightly. If he inflates too much, Kirby will "pop" leaving a force wave of air in wake.

    Baton Twirling
    An anime-only ability that was inspired by a fanart contest. Oddly enough, it features complete control over living matter.

    Masahiro Sakurai's reported favorite ability, in which Kirby mimics the ability of the Waddle Doo. While commonly found and mostly the weakest ability for many games, in a dynamic system like Kirby Super Star, it proves to be the most flexible. It is capable of the Wave Beam.

    Kirby holds a limitless supply of bombs while using this. They can be held and thrown in many ways. This is one of two abilities that are able to fused with elemental powers (Ice and Thunder).

    Kirby's only game based aquatic ability thus far. The weapon of choice with this is seemingly a toilet brush. Enemies defeated using this ability will leave behind items for later use.

    Also known as "Fireball". It is a variation of Fire that is used in the static ability systems for Kirby's Adventure and Kirby & the Amazing Mirror. It is labeled as "Fire" for Kirby's Dreamlad 2, 3, and Kirby 64.

    Trade mark of Broom Hatter, Kirby will use a Broom as a weapon of choice. Not really powerful unless used by an Animal Helper. With it, Kirby can interact with the surroundings in specific ways, like making flowers bloom and cleaning dust away.

    In the games, it is mostly a one-time-use ability where Kirby will turn all the enemies on the screen into health replenishment. In the anime, it is more common, and more flexible. Weapon of choice is either a Frying Pan, or Boiling

    Copy is no different from normal Kirby. It is used in Kirby Super Star so a second player can act as Kirby through TAC. This allows the second player to change abilities on the dime.

    Kirby explodes.

    The attack choice in this mode is throwing boomerang-like blades. In newer games, the height and direction of cutters can be controlled. In Kirby Super Star, it can be used for head-on attacks, as well as Kirby's Trademark Final

    It made a first appearance in Kirby Super Star, and since has also returned in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror and Kirby: Squeak Squad. It come equipped with quick attacks for close-to-mid range, all of which can be pulled off rather quickly and effortlessly. In recent games, Fighter Kirby can also use a form of a Hadoken - which may reveal the original inspiration for this ability coming from the Street Fighter series.

    Fire is one of Kirby's trademark elementals and the most commonly used ability in the Anime. In static systems, Kirby will simply breathe fire, while there will be other variations of Fire, such as Burning - which was used in Dreamland 2, 3, and 64. Dynamic systems like Kirby Super Star and Kirby: Squeak Squad simply combine the two into a single ability.

    An early variant of Ice that was used in Kirby's Adventure (and also in the GBA Port), and was latered combined with Ice in Kirby Super Star. It was one of the more seldom-found abilities, but was the original ability of Chilly. In the GBA Port, Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland, it bears a resemblance to the Ice

    An anime-only ability with a spinoff in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror under the name "Master". Galaxia works the same way as the Sword Ability does, and it even acquired the same way - by inhaling a sword. However, Galaxia works only one way that differs it from the normal Sword Ability, and that is it must be Meta Knight's sword.

    Regarded as the secret ability of Kirby Squeak Squad, as it can only be accessed once all the pieces of the Ghost Medal had been collected. With it, Kirby can posses enemies to gain complete and total control over them. While great in concept, it proves to be a hindrance for boss fights, and most enemies are weaker than Kirby, so there is little point - other than for the heck of it - for it to be used.

    One of Kirby's more powerful abilities, but also a bit of trouble to find, as you usually have to get it from a fight against Bonkers. The hammer ability can take down any boss within a few hits - but it may be considered a bit slower than other abilities that work the same general way as it, like Sword.

    The bane of Kracko. With high-jump, Kirby adopts a superhero-motif along with an upgraded ability to jump. It is primarily used for rather higher places that have been blocked off by something.

    Another trademark elemental, Ice works under the same premise as Fire. It, along with Freeze, will turn any defeated enemy into a block of ice that can be used to attack another enemy.

    An anime-only ability that was inspired by a fanart contest. The inspiration for the motif of the ability comes from Ancient Egyptian Civilization. It is similar to Stone and Metal.

    Thus far, it is a Kirby Super Star only ability that has also been seen in the anime. In it, Kirby's weapon of choice is a chargeable jet-pack. The ability is great for covering long distances and tall heights in little time.

    This ability allows for Kirby to fire reflect lasers from where he stands. The reflect lasers will then bounce off of any curved surface until it reaches out of range. It is generally weak in power, but become chargeable in Kirby: Squeak Squad. While not the inspiration for it, Kirby bares a visor for shooting his lasers, similar to Cyclops from the X-Men series.

    Thus far, it is a Kirby's Adventure only ability (including the GBA port). It is specifically used to light darkened areas in order to reveal hidden pathways. When not used in a darkened room, it is rather useless.

    One of the newer abilities and it is gaining momentum in popularity. When first introduced in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, it was a replacement for Mike and Crash as it was one of the game's only one time use abilities (as well as Cook). The effect it had was done via roulette. In its second appearance in Kirby Squeak Squad, it became a very versatile weapon ability with Kirby using an array of magic tricks for multiple types of long-range attacks.

    Kirby sacrifices speed and jumping height in order to gain an effective defense and an immense weight. While good for rushing through swarms of enemies and treading dangerous ground, it is not good for effective travel.

    Kirby uses his ear-splitting voice to cause major damage to everything around him.

    Kirby shrinks to the size of a pea to get through tight spaces.

    Transforming himself into a guided, pink missile that will explode when it touches enemies or obstacles.

    A rare ability that allows Kirby to reflect attacks and duplicate himself.

    A primarily defensive move where Kirby goes porcupine.

    Kirby learns the way of the ninja, throwing shuriken, vanishing, climbing walls and walking on water.

    Kirby coats everything with color with this rare one-use ability.

    Deceptively harmless, Kirby can defeat enemy's with a variety of moves, float slowly to the ground- and just look cute with his star-tipped parasol.

    An unusual ability where Kirby must build up a charge before he can attack.

    Not a good power to get in a pinch! Kirby will take a brief nap.

    A useful ability based on Kirby's moveset in the Super Smash Bros. series.
    Smash Bros. Abilities
    In the actual Super Smash Bros. games, Kirby can copy any other player to gain unique powers.

    Similar to Needle in that Kirby surrounds himself with a protective electric

    Kirby can turn rock-hard to crush enemies and become resistant to attacks.

    And you thought wrestling was fake? Kirby will prove you wrong with a variety of moves.

    A classic ability where Kirby slices up enemies with a shining blade..

    It's as simple as it sounds! Kirby grabs enemies and tosses them with great force.

    An ability unique to the anime series, Kirby attacks with razor-edged tops.

    Kirby spins and spins into a whirlwind that makes him temporarily invincible as well as being speedy.

    Or should it be UFK? Kirby turns into a flying saucer than floats anywhere and has different levels of attack.

    Another ability unique to the anime, Kirby attacks with jets of water.

    Kirby tears up the road when he turns into a big pink tire. Nothing stands in his way.

    Instead of his usual slow floating ways, Kirby dons a winged headdress and soars through the air.

    A fun and stylish ability where Kirby uses a simple yo-yo as a deadly weapon!

    Star Rod
    Kirby uses the power source of the Fountain of Dreams to defeat the mysterious Nightmare.

    Rainbow Sword
    The combined form of all the Rainbow Drops is the only thing that can stop darkmatter

    Star Chariot
    Kirby ventures into the heart of NOVA on this throwback to side-scrolling shooter games.

    Love-Love Stick
    By helping people all over Dream Land, the power of their happiness and friendship forms this legendary item.

    Kirby is given Meta Knight's powerful blade to help defeat Dark Mind.

    Triple Star
    The strange scepter wielded by Daroach, which is also useful in defeating
    Dark Nebula
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    What the hell are you talking about?
  3. bw!

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    Jul 31, 2007
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    this is a list of powers kirby can copy
  4. chach

    chach umm yaa.... anybody here?

    May 13, 2007
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    In search of epic lulz
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    so why do you feel you would need to share this ?

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